Small Flying car

Flying Small Car

Future of passenger transport This transition is making news. State-of-the-art equipment and system will be integrated and validated in the next test vehicle. Initial serial cars will be launched in 2019. "We' re at a crucial point where we can put the best engineering designs into practice on the basis of years of flying and driving trials.

It will enhance functionality, security and esthetics for an optimum flight and ride experience."

The flying car proved to be a small airplane.

All the flying automobiles that all these science fi authors of the twentieth centuries promise us are here at last, but they don't look like in The Jetsons or Back to the Future. Actually, they look like small planes - but we'll take them first. Today, Fresno County, California, is home to a new electrically propelled aircraft that made its debut above the heavens, became the first of its kind in the region, and could usher in a new age of zero emissions aviation.

It was one of four powered airplanes ordered by towns in the region, Fresno Bee says, and was delivered by the Sustainable Aviation Project. Pipistrel, the Slovenian producer of lighting sports airplanes, has developed them for flying education as they are used in Fresno. It is a test case for how electrical aviation could function on a large scale, supported by Tesla-like loading points at nearby aerodromes.

But what really struck me was the bee's explanation that the airplanes are "small enough to pass into a home garage". To all of you who have grown up and believe that we actually have flying automobiles in our car parks, this is just a joke. In the past year, the electrically operated Lilium Jet completed its debut over the Bavarian sky.

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