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Learn how you can resolve this problem for your business When you spend a major amount of money or money on a bank account to buy gas for your company's cars, you may already have come across a fake gas bill without even noticing it. How do you therefore guard against an operator who passes on counterfeit gas documents and keeps the money? First, you need to comprehend what fake gas vouchers are and how they are made. Suppose you give an associate $200 to refuel a lorry, and you await a receipt and the corresponding amount of cash. You can put $100 worth of petrol in the lorry, make a fake $180 receipt and give you $20 as your exchange.

What do you do to make a fake gas document? Just Google fake receipt generating device and you will find tens of fake receipt generating devices that are perfectly suited for making fake gas receipts. You can also use Google's fake receipt generating device to create fake gas receipt generating devices. Gas documents are very easily fakeable because they are so straightforward without barcodes, logo, etc.... Obtain a corporate tank pass with electric tank vouchers (e-receipts) or purchasing warnings that go directly to your e-mail account as soon as the operator puts the dispenser on line.

In this way nobody can manipulate the vouchers, because the vouchers go directly to you. In order to go one better, get a petrol fuelling pass that can only buy petrol and only the right kind of petrol (petrol or diesel) for the car. Restrict the number of gallons every rider can buy and make sure they can only buy petrol if you want them to.

Counterfeit gas receipt, in WordPerfect size for one llase

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