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Private jet Eclipse

LLC offers aircraft charter, management, maintenance and co-ownership of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Locate the best Eclipse jets for sale worldwide. The Eclipse 550: Buyer and Investor Guideline Not the most thrilling plane on the planet either. Eclipse 550 is a VLJ manufactured by One Aviation - a fusion of Eclipse Aerospace and Kestrel Aviation. It is designed for shorter distance emissions, for few persons and at low costs.

Eclipse 550 has a max cruising distance of 1294mi/2083km/1125nm - slightly less than other very lightweight jetliners - and connects Los Angeles and Dallas, London and Rome as well as New York and Miami.

Turbo-props like the PC-12NG and the TBM900 can continue to travel and costs a similar amount - making them useful choices when cruising distance is the most important one. The Eclipse 550, with a max cruising rate of 431mph/694kph/375kts, looses to the Phenom 100E in cruising rate, with the 100E being able to accelerate 30mph/55kph/30kts - although this is not a major distinction.

In general, the Eclipse 550 is a quick VLJ. Two PW610F power plants power the Eclipse, generating a combined 1,800 pounds of thrusts. Because the Eclipse 550 divides this ability, it is amazing and timesaving as it doesn't have to travel in bad conditions. Nothing in particular about the inside of the Eclipse 550.

According to One Aviation, the interior is built with the best available material - but that doesn't correspond to the qualities of other staterooms in other airplanes like the 100E. Aeroplane costs are mirrored in the passenger compartment - there are much better passenger compartments on the open skies, but they have their prices.

Car is simple but still practical - no sales argument for the Eclipse 550. The Eclipse 550 shows its strengths when it comes to running expenses. But One Aviation says that every sea kilometre you fly is only $2.02 - making it one of the lowest priced planes. OneĀ Aviation grants a five-year manufacturer's guarantee or for 1000 flight hour.

The basic purchase of a new Eclipse 550 is $2.9 million, making it one of the most affordable choices in the VLJ and turbo prop markets. In order to further lower operating expenses, however, One Aviation offers a special edition version of the 550. Eclipse 550 SE is a rebuilt Eclipse 500 (Eclipse Aerospace's older model) that has been retrofitted to almost the same specifications as a new Eclipse 550 - at a basic cost of $2.195 million.

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