Helicopter to Hamptons Cost

Hubschrauber according to Hampton costs

For the Hamptons and Nantucket, BLADE offers private 'copiers'. Jump over the traffic jam and get to the beach faster than you thought possible! Booking private jet charter, helicopters, seaplanes and discounted empty flights to/from the Hamptons, New York.

Travelling from New York to the Hamptons

On the way to the Hamptons this sommer? Find out about Hamptons' special occasions in our Hamptons calender. If you are in the Hamptons, make plans to visit the W├Âlffer Estate or spend the night at The Southampton Inn. Our checklist will help you choose the type of holiday best suited to you, your schedule and your budgets.

With JetSmarter you can now take a helicopter to the Hamptons. Begin your week-end earlier with JetSmarter Helicopter Services. Jump the outgoing air and make your flight quicker with a fast helicopter flight to the Hamptons. The JetSmarter members travel free of charge to and from Manhattan in the manner of a round trip with planned helicopter shuttle services.

From Manhattan, regular air services between the Hamptons are offered by Lufthansa Blue. There are three different types of helicopter offered by BLADE that are characterized by maximum performance and convenience. Eurocopter's off-the-shelf services are based on Eurocopter A-Stars, followed by Blue XCEL, Bell 307s, which allow us to provide previous services at noise-restricted times at East Hampton Airport, and culminate in Blue Agusta, the world' quickest helicopter to Hampton, which serves Southampton from Manhattan in just 22 min.

Take a flight at the moment of your choice and resell your vacant space to the fellowship. The Gotham Air staff makes sure that our customers take great professional responsibility and diligence for all their travelling needs. Our aim is to exceed all your requirements and at the same place offer you the quickest, most secure and most convenient means of transport for helicopters.

Gotham Air makes helicopter tours in the North East quick, simple and dependable - from small families to big businesses. Shoreline Aviation provides scheduled floatplane services between New York City (from Manhattan's Street Seaplane Base 23rd) and The Hamptons and Shelter Island during the peak seasons. To take a floatplane to your holiday destinations is comfortable and will save you valuable your valuable journey times.

BLADE also provides its BLADE Aqua floatplane services to East Hampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor and Shelter Island. The WhaleAfter too many disappointing rides to the Hamptons and far too many long on the I-95, building first-rate, hassle-free itineraries to all of our favourite places seemed like child's play to us - especially with the wonderful East River runway right here!

All that is more important to us than an effective end-to-end solution is our steadfast dedication to getting you there. You are welcome to travels like you have never experienced before. Sounds AircraftSound Aircraft provides joint or charter helicopter and floatplane charter services to and from all helicopter landing pads in New York and Street Neaplane Base 23 on the East River.

With the car to Route 27 East (Sunrise Highway or Montauk Highway) - the only way to and from the Hamptons. Journey time: 1.5 hours+ (traffic will strongly influence your journey time). From Manhattan to East Hampton the range is approximately 105 mile. Hampton Jitney is by far the most beloved and durable coach line.

Jitney Hampton is a transport forerunner. Hampton Jitney began in 1974 with a truck and the obligation to provide the best personal transport services between Eastern Long Island (The Hamptons) and Metropolitan New York. Amabassador services (slightly more costly than the regular coach service) are fitted with large soft toy seat and electrical connections for your notebook.

Jitney also provides free WiFI via Wi-Ran (Wireless Rolling Area Network), which makes it simple to keep in contact with your laptop, tablet and other devices. Travelling time: 2.5 hours+ (traffic and its stations will strongly influence your travelling time). The Hampton Luxury LinerThe Hampton Luxury Liner offers:

Travelling time: 2.5 hours+ (traffic and its stations will strongly influence your travelling time). TrainThe Long Island Rail Road links Manhattan with Montauk. Your cannon ball is directly available before the Hamptons (only on Fridays and Sundays) without any stopovers. Travelling time: 2.5 hours+ (traffic and its stations will strongly influence your travelling time).

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