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Charter flight definition

On a charter flight you rent the entire aircraft and not just one seat. Aeroplanes may be large or small, and flights may be one-way or round-trip. The definition of Charterflugnomens im Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. AIR CHARTER - what does it mean? Let's first define these flights.

Flight Ferry - Definition of Charter Jet Company

Transfer flight is a non-revenue flight for the purposes of repatriating an aeroplane to the ground; (2) locating an empty aeroplane; (3) transferring an aeroplane to and from a service centre. Known as position, reposition or repo operations, transfer operations are often used by charterers when an airplane needs to depart from its present position to collect a customer.

Charter companies often levy a "transfer fee" for the re-positioning of an airplane for their clients. An example of a transfer flight is when an airline has to collect a traveller from a place other than its home base and a plane will travel to another place to collect the traveller.

Since there are no passenger in the plane at this point, the flight does not generate any income. A further example is the relocation of an aeroplane to a service basis, as such a flight does not generate revenues for the carrier. Because of the cost associated with transfer flight, most carriers try to prevent positionwalks.

When a transfer flight is necessary, the operator will normally levy a transfer flight fee, unless the total travel fare is large enough to compensate for the costs of a transfer flight.

Flight Operation - What is the different between a subcharter flight and a codeshare flight?

Where are the major discrepancies between these two flight modes? Subcharter is no longer used as a verbal term any more. It' re now named Wet-Lease or ACMI. A special ACMI carrier does not operate its own scheduled flight plan, but usually operates for other carriers with shorter/longer announcements (a few or an entire flight plan).

As WOW in Iceland took off, the timetable was flew by a Lithuanian ACMI-company. For Condor, HiFly is flying from Munich this season because the German Condor 767 is heavily maintained. Condor has Thomas Cook from Great Britain as a resident of the same company. Condor provides airplanes and pilots, but Condor takes care of fuels, servicing and flight crews.

HiFly offers a complete ACMI (Aircraft Crew Maintenance Assurance) for Condor in the above HiFly example.

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