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Customer number

Availability check Already a customer? Charter services offered by subsidiaries of GASAM. US Customer Satisfaction Index American Customer Satisfaction Index. The best way to printout scorecard charts is in horizontal format. The ACSI publishes sector results throughout the year and publishes an update of the index on a monthly basis.

Gastronomy with restricted services was not evaluated in 2004 due to a modification of the existing quaterly measuring system. Measurements for the online tourism sector have been postponed from the 4th Q4 2013 to the 1st Q4 2014.

This is a summary of a sample number of customer surveys from each of the potentially smaller businesses within the sector.

Better. Faster! Faster! Inexpensive

Peter Pan family..." I' m a frequent driver between New York and Philadelphia who likes your services, your prizes and your very secure transport. "I' d like to tell you how impressive I am by your services. Not only are you better organised, but your busses depart on schedule, I haven't seen any overbooking, and all but one of the busses I took this past season the sockets have worked, which is certainly important for those who have mobile telephones and computer equipment.

Peter Pan is what we need and I know there is a lot of rivalry out there, so I wanted to split my time. Pete is a terrific rider! "The trip was great and I would like to thank my rider for her nice character and for her excellent politeness and work. My impression was such that I now intend to always travel with Peter Pan in the new years.

" On our journey to New York, our chauffeur did a great thing! and we felt so confident with him at the helm. "My chauffeur has done a great thing! It was very friendly and professionally, and I was also struck by the cleanness of the car.

You' ve got yourself a new faithful customer! "I' m a 25-year-old Peter Pan customer on the Framingham to Boston races. We' ve got a new rider at 7:15 and he's just fantastic. "I had the privilege of making several Peter Pan trips with your Lois chauffeur.

Always Lois is always proffesional, always polite and greets the passenger with a big grin. She' s an awesome rider. Punctual service! "My chauffeur, Mike, was such a darling. His driving was secure, very professionell, very attentive, very useful, very respectable and of course very polite. "It was an unbelievably luxurious coach, it started and got there on schedule, the chauffeur was polite and professionally and it was a great opportunity to come to the city for today!

Pete Pan is fantastic! "was astonishing. Even though one would hopefully get such a kind of support, this is often not the case. I' m definitely going to drive Peter Pan again. "From the moment Operator Dimauro met us at JFK Airport during the whole charter trip to the CT and NY locations, he had a friendly and accommodating approach, timeliness, excellent safety and experience manoeuvring the coach through the narrow and crowded Manhattan roads despite harsh climatic circumstances.

It made us always felt that we were sure, protected and in good hands. What a great feeling! "Commendation to Peter Pan's rider Mary (NYC/DC). Not only is Mary an outstanding sailor, she is also very professionally and kindly, and she gave a beautiful, thorough notice when we left the Port Authority. "You know that you will be valued when a Peter Pan customer support rep says to you, "You are now part of the Peter Pan group!

" Muhammad in the customer services division went beyond that to solve a crucial issue for me. I' m truly grateful for his great customer support. "OUTSTANDING! So far, every member of staff has been polite and supportive. "Our rider, Kenny, has done an extraordinary work. Made all his pronouncements, was highly proffesional, kind and on time.

" My personal thanks go to a rider for his excellent and very friendly work. I' ve driven a lot with my rider who was very kind and considerate and very funny. "I would like to mention the extraordinary services I have been given by the Taj rider. It was very politely, respectfully, friendly and attentively.

In the end some other travellers praised the pilot for his punctual and secure journey. Many thanks to Peter Pan for taking the trouble to choose riders with great personality and riding ability. "I' m so glad I moved on to Peter Pan.

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