Taxi Stand Singapore

Taxistand Singapore

You can also wait for a taxi at taxi stands. Like taxi stops, taxi stands provide an orderly queue of passengers waiting for taxis. Taxi services may not pick up passengers near a taxi stand, but they may drop them off near taxi stands. They can take a taxi by calling one along a street, queuing at a taxi stand or simply making a phone booking. Booking a taxi by phone.

Taxis at the taxi ranks

Taxi riders are not permitted to collect or set down customers along the major streets of the Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore for passenger, taxi and other traffic security reasons, where busses operate every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. except Sundays and public holidays. The CBD assigns a clear site identifier to each taxi stand / stop and to each pick-up or drop-off point at entrances to buildings for the comfort of the commuter.

The taxi reservation centers can be informed by a commuter of their pick-up points and the site number. Certain streets in the urban area are crowded and you are not permitted to call a taxi. The aim is to avoid taxi stops randomly on these streets and to hinder dense transport.

Instead, taxi stations have been established at marked points along these streets where taxi riders can collect or drop off customers at certain times. Taxis are clearly marked with a unambiguous locational number on the taxi sign so that taxi operators can be informed of their exact pick-up point when they need to request a taxi booking.

You can also take a taxi from one of the taxi ranks. Like taxi stations, taxi ranks provide an organized queue of travellers awaiting them. Taxi services may not collect a passenger near a taxi stand, but they may drop their passenger off near taxi stand areas.

In general, taxi ranks are situated on streets (except those with taxi stops) where the need for taxi services is high. They can also service taxi services in dedicated locations in most large business, office and retailer facilities. The majority of MRT units also have taxi ranks near the train arrivals.

Within the scope of our endeavours to enhance the taxi service, interviews on taxi waits will be carried out at large taxi ranks in the urban area during the late season from 5 pm to 11 pm. Typical results of the wait are shown at select taxi ranks to help make an educated choice for the commuter before queuing at these taxi ranks.

At LTA, we work with hotel and mall operators to enhance taxi accessibility as part of the overall customer and guest experience. These include better transport control, the provision of call reservation information at taxi ranks and assistance to their clients, in particular international travellers, in making call reservations for them.

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