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Planers have paired flight, training, dexterity, some challenging flight, air-to-air shooting and of course the enjoyment of this multi-day flight experience. Accompany CJAA, T-28 and other aerospace fans at the 2016 Luftwaffe Clinic Dance Party at the Wisconsin' aviation heritage center. Join the party with drivers of very scarce U.S. and international airplanes from the Second World War, Korea and Vietnam.

Join us for the next CJAA Regional Jet Blast in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The Jet Blast will be something really memorable due to the excellent welcome of the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin ( Many CJAA members like to exhibit their aircraft at airshows all over Germany....

The 737 was a failure in the beginning.

In February 1968, the first of these took up duty with Lufthansa, only two years before the Pan Am took to the skies. Launched at France in 1988, it has since shipped just over 8,000 units. Lufthansa, the first client, was the only airline to purchase a significant number of the 737-100 that had room for 100 seats (from the 60 initially planned to 85), while only 30 were shipped.

The longer 737-200 was put into operation at United Airlines in April 1968 and was a major success (105 were shipped in 1968 and 114 in 1969), but after a few years revenue began to decline. With an order for 19 737-200s, the so-called T-43s, the US Air Force saved the plane and the plane continued to limp.

Now where are the Genuine Seven 37s? FAP 353 was founded in 1969 with Aer Lingus and is now in the possession of the Peruvian Air Force (via Air Algerie, Cameroon Airlines, Zambia Airways, Euralair Horizons, IAL, Cayman Airways, Sultan Air, Albatros Airlines and TANS).

Over 100,737 were shipped each year from 1985 to 1994, and over 1,000,737-300 were manufactured until 1999, when Air New Zealand last had it. A further version, the 737-400, was introduced in 1988 by Piedmont Airlines (based in North Carolina, not Italy), which no longer exists, while the 737-500 went into operation at Southwest Airlines in 1990.

Meanwhile these three models were called "Classic 737s" and ensured the further development of the M737. The British Jet2, for example, has 18 737-300 in its safe deposit box, the oldest of which, G-CELH, was put into commission in 1986 (making it almost as old as this reporter). Southwest Airlines took delivery of the first 737-700 in 1998.

"Southwest Airlines in the USA," recalls Michael O'Leary, Ryanair Chief Executive Officer. "Ryanair now has a total of 420 aircraft - all of which are 747. For the early 19737s (100s and 200s), the deadly casualty rates were 0.89 for every million descents, falling to 0.25 for the Classics and 0.09 for the Next Generations.

Altogether 80 were shipped, but more than 4,300 orders were accepted, among them 251 from Flydubai, 240 from Southwest, 201 from Lion Air, 142 from SpiceJet and 110 from Norwegian and Ryanair. Exactly one thousand young pilots have made their wobbly first moves at the wheel of a 172, and the United States Air Force and Army are using a variation of the aircraft to educate newcomers.

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