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Representing some of the world's leading shipping companies, we ensure that we cover all major shipping routes from Sri Lanka. Points and lines Sri Lanka, Athurugiriya, Sri Lanka. Regulatory lines of navigation Applicants should have - 2 - 3 years management leadership in a similar function. - You are a vigorous, vibrant, self-motivated person with a strong sense of work. - Ability to speak English and computer skills.

Applicants should: - have very good English and computer skills.

  • May you be an active, vibrant, self-motivated person with a strong sense of commitment to work. At Prudential shipping, we are always looking for people who are passionate about excellency to join our expert group. Prudential Shipping's collaboration means working in an atmosphere that appreciates expertise, innovativeness and reciprocal esteem between employees and managers.

Jobs at PUDENTIAL are more than just a single position, they are a worthwhile proposition and a combination of a bright outlook with an equally good chance for further development. You think you have what it takes to be part of the Pontial Group? Chosen candidates are provided with a pleasant working atmosphere and an appealing compensation program with further development possibilities.

Sri Lanka: New regulations to avoid building near electricity lines

According to the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), the new ordinance will prohibit the building of new facilities near electricity lines. For newbuildings, a Ceylon Electricity Board or Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Ltd. security certification is necessary, according to a declaration. New rules on the distance between electricity lines and premises to guarantee the security of users and property call for a minimal distance, both vertically and horizontally, between electricity lines and premises.

It also sets minimal vertical limitations above the ground for contact lines over or along a street or over any other place open to vehicle use. They have been endorsed by the Minister of Power and Renewable Energies on the advice of PUCSL and are described in the 30, 36 and 37 of the Electricityity ( Safety, Quality and Continuity ) Regulations Act of 2016.

"The Provincial Councils and the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils have already taken measures to comply with the Regulation," PUCSL said. Under the new regulations, a 2.40 metre spacing and a 1.50 metre spacing are required vertically for lines up to 1,000 V. The spacing for high-voltage lines up to 2220,000 V is increased to 5.18 metre.

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