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The Moncton Air

This is Exploits Valley Air Services. You know, before you leave. You are the kind of guy who loves to make plans in advance, so we've put together a 10 things you should know before you go to the GET AIR Indoor Trampoline Park. If you click on the "Online Waiver" register card, you can fill out the disclaimer to skip before you go!

It reduces your check-in times and keeps you from having to wait in a second line. Remember that the renunciation must be made by a parental or guardian for a child under the age of 18. Anyone entering the institution MUST submit a disclaimer. Ensure that all persons visiting the grounds watch the security videotape and understand the parking regulations.

Once you have arrived, the videotape will be played in the Lounge, with additional CAUTION and CAUTION symbols that you should also be able to see and comprehend. The security film can also be found on our website under the Security page. Whilst any under 18 year old infant requires a parental or statutory guardian to subscribe to the renunciation, under 10 year old infants cannot be removed without an adults.

Make sure that all kids know the ground' laws and procedures before they drop them off for jumping. Affordable and strategic, they are built to keep you from sliding when jumping! It is recommended not to leap after a meal. There is no obligation to skip when you come to Get Air!

We' ve got paths and seats all over the jumping area so you can see your kids make fun movements. Get Air welcomes all age groups as long as you can skip and go alone. Hear proclamations to know when your clock is up.

Your bracelet's colour indicates when your jumping period ends. 2 hours jumping with the second lesson at a reduced price!

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