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Taxi and limousine services

Flughafen-approved taxi and limousine services provide competitive all inclusive tariffs for your final journey and fulfil your security needs. It'?s a cab or a limousine, licensed: In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), packages for trips from the airports are calculated on the basis of trip times and distances. Taxi tariffs to non-GTA locations are shown on the Out-of-Town Tariff chart.

Each area not included on this rate card costs $1.55/km for taxi or $1.65/km for limousine. Please click on one of the following cards to get information about taxi prices. Local regulations allow riders to decide not to transport pets. When you have an pet to take in a taxi/limousine and you cannot find a car that is ready to house you, please ask the supervisor on the kerb to call a taxi/limousine to transport an pet.

However, this does not include travellers using our services. Customers with serviced pets receive the first car in a row. Servant or assistant pets that provide disabled access support to accompanying persons will be provided with the next available car at no extra cost. Furthermore, travellers using small means of transportation shall not be rejected, impeded or subject to extra charges for the carriage of such devices.


They do not apply to pick-ups from the taxi line on the platforms. Supplement for stop overs - inclusive collection and return. Animals are $6. 00 additional, up to 3 small animals maximum. No surcharge is levied for service dogs. Passengers wishing to use the ETR will be charged an additional fee for the current tolls.

Should the customer wish to use the 407 in a lower fare area, the higher fare applies when leaving the 407 plus the 407 tolls. Additional baggage placed inside the car or if a rope is used to bind the boot cover will be charged an additional $12.

Fares originating from Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to or from Pearson International Airport (YYZ) are subject to the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) and are subject to alteration without prior notification. In order to avoid any dispute about the fares, the customer is entirely liable for ensuring that they provide us with precise and precise information at the moment of making the reservation. Pick up from the airport: meet & greet pick-ups:

Meeting and Greet pick-ups are another $65. Meet Cancellations & Greet Cancellations:

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