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Fast-track is planning to collect $60 million for expansion. Citybased Fast Track Call Cabs, India's third biggest taxi services company in relation to cars, is planning to collect $50 million to $60 million to build its footprint across India, said its chairman M Prabhu. Fast-track has operations in several towns, among them Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Tiruvananthapuram and Kochi, and wants to work in all large Animal I towns over the next few years, he said to BusinessLine.

So far, Fast Track has been financed by its project executing agencies. The arrival of cabin aggregates such as Ola and Uber has fiercely contested the 17-year-old Fast Track, which until two years ago had a single dominant position. C Ambigapathy, managing director, Fast Track, said to the press, "We want to win back our clients.

In order to discourage clients from using their applications for reservations, Fast Track has, for example, reduced all reservations made via their applications from the airports and main stations by 60 percent. He said the application helped prevent postings over the bar and Fast Track saved staff costs.

Fast Track, however, has lasted the last 17 years. Fast Track has a nearly 50 percent of the Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu population. Currently, 5,000 taxis operate in Chennai and 10,000 in Tamil Nadu, he said.

Cab companies like Fast Track, NTL Call Taxi, not getting into a price fight with Uber and Ola.

Over and Ola are in a fierce fight with Ola, who is taking on UberGo and Micro-Service. Uber has also been aggressive in penetrating non-metro areas, with interest rates falling between 9% and 22%, while Ola has similar growth prospects for Micro-Service. "Our position is not in favour of lowering prices because we do not believe that discount can be a policy of expanding the markets.

Punctuality and good driving and good customer care are long-term bets," said MPrabhu, president of the 15-year-old Fast Track, one of the oldest taxi operators built in the call center age and still in use. At the beginning of last year Fast Track, which offers wireless taxi operations in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and West Bengal, launched an economics taxi that costs 11 km at MSRP, but is operated alongside its normal taxi hire business, which charges MSRP 15 per km. Its rival NTL had briefly tried an economics taxi last year, but withdrew it because of the lack of sustained cashburn in compensation for the discount given to operators.

"With such a low rebate, the trips Ola and Uber offer are competing with the autorickshaw," said G Saravanan, NTL Call Taxi executive manager. And he added that the harsh discounts could prove to be a menace to even three-wheeled transportation in Chennai, which has well over 70,000 of them.

While NTL tries to find risk funds to take over the app-based aggregate, it finds a competitive full face and increasing volume pressures that prevent it from drawing investment. However, it does not agree with the idea that the incentives for the rider are the assistance for his discounts. Mr. Bhavik Rathod, General Director for Southern and Western India for Uber, said the motor that allows a price reduction is the local car distribution system.

The system allows for a reduction in idling times and long-distance lorry operators can go with one person, so that they make more money every extra hour passing some of it on to their clients. "In Uber, the thought proces is as follows: If we lower our rates, this will trigger off greater consumer interest because more consumers want to use our services.

As a result, the hourly wage for the drivers is higher. Worldwide, in many over two and a half year old Uber established companies, we have achieved a level of incentive-free and profitability. For Zishaan Hayath, an early-stage Ola investment firm and creator of the Toppr educational company, the taxi industry has the capacity to compete and thrive alongside each other.

"Both Ola and Uber are extremely talented businesses that operate in a fast-paced world. The buzzwords here are customer orientation and excellent customer care. The recently introduced Ola Micro, for example, is expected to grow with an astonishing click. Could have been any business that developed such a product, and it would fit into that market," Hayath said.

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