Private Aircraft Interiors

Interiors of private aircraft

If it is about private aviation, it is what is inside that is most important. Exciting interiors of private aircraft If it is about private air travel, it is what is inside that is most important. Certainly you bring the specifications of an airplane or chopper to your goal, but its interior determines your convenience and your adventure. Moderately heavy commercially, this tailor-made VIP 525 Relentless is equipped with an 88 square metre stateroom that can accommodate up to 20 people.

There is room for 16 people in the basic VIP stateroom, with large armchairs, a meeting desk and a small kitchen. Relentless 525 is the first commercially available aircraft with a fly-by-wire flight deck, so flyers will also enjoy a stylish journey. Up to 178 mph, the luxurious hacker can travel up to 575 mph with a full fuel gauge.

This joint project presented at the Dubai Air Show incorporates the stylistic components of a Mercedes-Benz and the utility of a Lufthansa aircraft and sprays them into a luxurious cab for mid- and short-range aircraft. Rebuilt by a 150-seater aircraft, the passenger compartment boasts a distinctive spiral lay-out, with changing seats and rooms on both sides to accommodate 16 people.

In the centre of the cubicle there is a living room with an aquarium. The foreground has an open plan lobby, a private sleeping room, a kitchen and a bath room. At the rear there is an entertaining area and a main room with king-size beds and a freestanding showers. Overall aesthetics of the interiors were affected by Renaissance wooden works.

Central stateroom includes Fornasetti porcelain, Reidl crystals and chef's armchair with seating control. The Sky Yacht One trademark is the head room, trimmed in upholstered buckskin with book-lined macassar walling and panelled ceilings. Casino Jet Lounge, an idea by a designer from France, takes the luxuries and suspense of Monaco gaming to heaven.

Designesecence has chosen a number of seats for the cab, offering clustered seats as well as a counter and a desk for your choice of game. Featuring built-in solid-state light and lively liquid crystal displays, this lounges could also be the next place for a James Bond combat scene. The Casino Jet lounge, which is derived from the inside of the Boeing 777, has an enormous impact on passenger aircraft as the options increase.

The 6,640-foot aircraft, which was ordered for a private customer, is suitable for the entertainment of up to 14 passengers in this tailor-made Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Featuring a modern oriental style styling, the luxurious aircraft - which can accommodate up to 500 passengers - features two lounge suites and a dinning room with Teak floors, tiled walls and a star-shaped suspended lighting system.

The main room, which is divided by a winding flight of stairs, has a "living wall" or plant panelling that forms the area behind the head.

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