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An Alaska is a place where great really means great. At Alaska Airlines, the company does without pre-flight alcohol drinks in the first category Álaska Airlines has cancelled the pre-flight of alcohol drinks for first-class passengers, which is a common practice with other airline companies. Alaska' s spokesperson, Ann Johnson, said the amendment was made to adapt the guidelines of Alaska and the merging Virgin America. In 2016, Alaska purchased Virgin America and formally merged the airline companies at the beginning of this year, thereby removing the Virgin America name.

Virgin America was offering pre-flight spirits, but Alaska was not, except on flights to Hawaii where it was offering champagne. Emerging countrymusic singer Brett Young proclaimed Alaska last weekend in an Instagram tale and quoted a piece on the beloved FlyerTalk flyer site. Good things come to those first-grade passengers who like to drink a glass before take-off.

Starting November 1st, Alaska will be introducing free first-category champagne preparation on all flights after 10am. Bottling bottles of soda and freshly squeezed fresh fruit juices are other pre-flight choices. "So, for two third of those passing, they actually get champagne before departure," Johnson said. At American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines we provide all our pre-flight coctails for firstclass passengers.

New Alaska Airlines cuts routes from Dallas to NYC and DC

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HORIZOR AIR withdraws from Alaska and closes Anchorage Center.

The Alaska Air Group is moving its Horizon Air airline out of the state of Alaska and closes its anchorage office in Anchorage. The Alaska Airlines will take over these Horizon tours in March. The Alaska Air Group pulls its local airline Horizon Air out of the state of Alaska and closes its operations in Anchorage, saying the surgery is too expensive.

The 51 Horizon staff in Anchorage - 28 cabin crew and 23 pilot - are invited to relocate to base stations in the lower 48 states. Horizon has since 2014 operated three 66-seater Bombardier Q400 turbo-props on a shuttle between Anchorage and Fairbanks, as well as flights operated mainly by airline staff to Prudhoe Bay in Déadhorse.

From 10 March Alaska will take over these services and fly a much bigger Boeing 737 with fewer flights per day. The Horizon personnel cannot be transferred to Alaska because the two carriers have different tariffs. Horizon Chief Executive Dave Campbell confirmed in an in-house employee messaging session that it was poor breaking news for his Alaskan people.

However, he said that the airline had difficulty working reliable and cheaply in Alaska's harsh and isolated area. Though Horizon's initial intention in 2014 was to extend operations in Alaska, Horizon's shortage of service engineers in the state led to problems of dependability. Furthermore, the small dimensions of the Anchorage basis and the isolation of the Alaska targets compelled Horizon to occupy the basis with almost twice as many occupying forces as would otherwise be required.

"The operation of our Q400s in Alaska was just too pricey and we couldn't make it work," Campbell said. Although the shutdown is not directly related to Horizon's recent operations issues - an urgent lack of pilots has resulted in most cases this year in tens of thousands of cancelled flights each months - he said the maintenance of the three Q400s in Alaska is too timeconsuming if these assets are needed on more mission sensitive lines in the Lower 48.

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