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seat variations There are three different Jet Airways cabins: Business, Première as well as First Classe. The Jet Economics Classic seating has a 76-79 cm incline. Comfortable recliners are available for guests in Economy Mode, with the underside of the stool moving forward for added convenience. The business class stateroom of Jet Airways is known as the Première Category.

Premiere occupants will be seated on fully reclinable chairs with a spacious 102 cm clearance. There are two sets of chairs and a partition to divide the Premiere stateroom for added private space. Further advantages includes free luggage, preferred seat and airport lounging throughout India. It is the culmination of luxurious travel as Jet First Class customers have full control of movies, TV shows, sound and gaming on a 23-inch screens.

Traveling in this category is synonymous with relaxation: Relax in the cockpit which is only available to first-class staterooms, and enjoy a good night's rest in your comfortably seated chair which transforms into a full flatbed. Every flight has a touch-screen backrest TV display with an outstanding programme diversity.

Food, drink and snacks differ by flight, but on intercontinental services free warm food is provided to business travellers and includes vegetable and other nutritional restriction. Certain airplane models allow the seat to rotate so that you can continue to hold a meeting while traveling. There are five Jet Airways check-in alternatives, although your choice may be more restricted according to your level:

Traditional way of check-in, make sure you are there at least 2-3 hrs in advance for your flight. Visit the Jet Airways website () to find check-in counters in other cities in India, or look for assistant check-in staff at the airports who can help you.

Search for Jet Airways electronics newsstands near Jet Airways Aiport. Here you can exchange places and printout your embarkation card. Only Première (Business) Class and First Class or JetPrivilege members have this check-in facility. If JetPrivilege members have a validated e-ticket, they can text a confirmation email for extended check-in.

The allowance for Jet Airways luggage varies by airplane and location; please refer to the Jet Airways website for your local measuring limits. In Economy Class, as a rule, travellers may carry 1-2 items of hold luggage with a weight of 23-28 kg each and a maximum dimension (l + f + h) of 158 cm per each.

Business Class and First Class travellers may travel 1-3 pieces of hold luggage each not exceeding 30-32 kg in weight and not exceeding 158 cm in total (l + w + h) per piece. When traveling with an Infant, you may take an extra piece of check-in luggage that does not weigh 10 kg.

Specific objects such as medical or sports equipment are generally allowed if they are contained in the normal free luggage or at an extra charge. The Jet Airways Vielfliegerclub is JetPrivilege and provides a number of advantages depending on your member level: First and premiere class Jet Airways customers and JetPrivilege members can use Jet Airways facilities in eight major locations, among them Mumbai, Delhi and Brussels Intercontinental Airport.

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