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As we know a used Falcon better than anyone else, we prepare it with the utmost care and dedication before handing it over to a new owner. Privatjets for sale | New, used and used jets It will be our pleasure to give you more information about each of these extraordinary aircrafts. If you are looking for an airplane that is not mentioned here, our airplane procurement staff can help you find a new or used one. As well as learning about your used planes for purchase, our airplane vendors take the initiative to understand the funding needs of your organisation, your strategy and your best times to sell.

Meanwhile, because we also provide all the service you may ever need, we can help you if your plane is selling before you buy a new one to use it. For our airplane market ing campaign, we use professional design advertising material to help you promote your airplane to prospective purchasers.

We have sold jets from many of the leading brands around the industry, such as Gulfstream, Global Express and Boeing Business Jets as well as used Dassault Falcon, Bombardier Challenger and Hawker Beechcraft jets. In addition to our know-how in the field of used aircrafts, we also have comprehensive know-how about the airplane itself. One of the world's biggest networks of aerospace pros, we're known for our ability to sell and acquire airplanes smoothly around the global market.

When you are looking for an airplane that is not mentioned here, our airplane procurement staff can help you find the new or used airplane that best suits your needs.

The best price-performance ratio for your budget

If it comes to purchasing a multi-million dollars commercial aircraft, it is important to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Do you need to buy a state-of-the-art commercial aircraft with the latest technologies and cabins, or do you want to buy a used aircraft at a lower price?

Choosing the right options depends on many factors, but whatever the final choice, Bombardier offers a product that meets the needs of all airplane purchasers, whether they decide to buy a new or used corporate airliner. It is generally acknowledged that new planes are more expensive to buy and used planes are more expensive to run.

Comparing is complicated and each purchase case is different, but you will be amazed that under the label pricing there are many less known savings to purchasing a new corporate jet. We will look at some of the most important issues to consider when evaluating your purchase and why, if you consider the many economic and value-adding opportunities of purchasing a new plane, the difference in prices between new and used corporate jets may be much smaller than you think.

The purchase of a used airplane certainly seems alluring. However, as with many things, the label does not always reflect the actual operating costs. Naturally, it is difficult to value the prestigious elegance and power of a completely new plane, tailor-made to your specification and fitted with the latest technologies.

The new jets are more dependable and have a full guarantee, which of course contributes to reducing the total cost of ownership in the first five years of use. In addition, an airplane of increasing age usually demands more thorough inspection and preventive upkeep. Bombardier, the Canada-based corporate airliner company, markets both new and used aircrafts and provides the world's highest level of services to new and used airliner owner s/operators with enhanced parts inventory and services.

OEMs are learning from every single plattform to optimise and increase the operational reliability and operating life of new aircrafts. Recent airplanes have the advantage of optimised service schedules, which result from an OEM's efforts to further refine its product. That means lower maintanance cost and less non fly on your commercial jets.

The service interval for Bombardier's newer Global 6000 has been extended by 50% compared to its Global Express XRS forerunner. Therefore the service charge for a 5 year old Global can be up to 60% higher than for a new Global one. It has also made improvements to older aircrafts to offer its clients new upgrade options to improve power, convenience and operational expenses - but if you are able to buy new aircrafts, you can be one step ahead by the advantages of ownership of a new corporate one.

It is also important to consider the fix cost of buying a new or used airplane. "In considering their choices, potential clients should consider comprehensive OEM commissioning help and help with reselling an exisiting airplane, minimizing the headache and saving you money," Michael Gelpi states.

Those activities may involve the basic education of pilot, mechanic and, in the case of large jets, crew members, as well as on-site pilot assistance. For example, at Bombardier, a supply crew of engineers, interiors professionals and operators accompany each shipment of a new plane to guarantee smooth commissioning, while on-site contact pilot customers provide practical air assistance and rapid reaction to operating problems.

As elsewhere in the world, today's rapidly evolving airline industry is rapidly evolving and new advances in electronics and cab interior design are increasingly establishing a higher level of standards in commercial air travel. Enhancements such as a head-up display and progressive visual and meteorological radars provide the best in modern electronics, while corporate jet owners consider the new Ka-band high-speed Wi-Fi connection during flights to be a top priorities.

Bombardier, as one of the industry's leading providers, has developed the Ka-band high-speed connection offer for its new Global and Challenger 650 aircrafts, as well as for the Challenger 604 and 605 laterals. All over the nation, hangers are full of older jets upgrading their aviation and cab technology. However, it may be valuable in terms of the additional costs involved and should be included in the overall purchase costs of a second-hand plane for some regularisations.

However, such up-grades increase the value of your assets, and part of the costs can usually be reclaimed upon re-sale. When it comes to the purchase of a corporate aircraft, there are many ways to buy an airplane - financing, lease, payment in money, etc....... One of the perhaps most noticeable effects on the margin squeeze between the new and the usable is the special financial structure.

As a rule, new airplanes keep their value, while the value of discontinued airplanes falls more strongly after a spare is made known. But Bombardier's used Bombardier planes, especially younger ones, routinely outperform all major class rivals in immediate competition in stock changes and write-downs over the years.

A 50% discount on your corporate bonuses will reduce your company's income taxes and generate a significant amount of income. Considering each of these elements, it is clear that the actual difference in costs between new and used planes is much smaller than their original acquisition prices suggest.

Whatever your best case, Bombardier can provide you with a tailor-made corporate aviation solutions to suit your needs. However, perhaps the biggest benefit of purchasing a new plane has little to do with the cost. It' s difficult to surpass the excitement of getting on your twinkling new plane and settle into the tech and convenience of something like the new Global 6000 Premier cabins.

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