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Anyone is looking for cheap rates. low fares: Know when you can get your international airline tickets at the best rate? you get the lowest rate last minute. Mm-hmm. Skyscanner's air travel finder poll revealed that 72 percent of India's travelers do not know the best moment to buy air tickets for their holiday.

Thirty-one percent of those surveyed rightly believe that making a reservation more than 12 week in advanced is the best way to make a reservation.

Eleven percent believe that last-minute reservations are the keys to good business. According to the poll, Bali and Kuala Lumpur are best booked 25 week before travel. However, both cities get the most reservations two week before take-off when fares increase by 16 percent and 11 percent respectively.

Travelers can reduce airfare to Amsterdam by 17 percent by booking 24 week in advanced. Bucharest provides travelers with the flexibility of weekly rates to get the best value for money. It is possible to make a reservation 12, 20 or 23 week before your scheduled date of arrival and still get 13% off your airfare. Best booking period for Madrid is 15 week in and out.

According to the poll, September and December are the best months for traveling for the lowest rates. Feb. is perfect for a trip to Amsterdam and Budapest, as travelers can cut ticket costs by eight percent and nine percent respectively. The best time for Bali is April, where travelers can cut tariffs by up to 10 percent.

By booking tickets to Kuala Lumpur in September, you can reduce the price of an ticket by 18 percent. It is possible to reduce the price by 17 percent if you make a booking for Madrid in November. "To know the best times for booking a flight is the keys to making a good business. Surprisingly, nearly three-quarters of India travelers do not know when the best times to make a trip are.

They estimate that 69 percent are far away as the best offers for a flight can be found less than 12 week before departure," said Skyscanner India Growth Manager Reshmi Roy.

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