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The following are the average prices of the most popular private jets and helicopters for sale. Final price for this private jet depends on how much customization you want. As a full-service company, we sell, acquire and evaluate jet/turbine aircraft. Our customers are offered the best possible price when purchasing their aircraft. Harrier's Jump Jet is one of the most famous attack aircraft ever built.

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The following are the mean fares of the most common privately owned planes and choppers for sale. Note that the price for each plane may differ depending on the number of lessons, year of construction, gear, reconditioning and more. Paramount supports our customers with clear and precise information so they can make the best choices for themselves.

Our customers are assisted in the procurement, purchase and/or sale of privately owned aircrafts all over the world. Please get in touch with us with your unique airplane needs and we will find the best option for you.

The Elvis Presley Privatjet is available at a very competitive price.

Elvis Presley gathered many objects, including personal aircraft, which he made to measure in his own unique way. Two of these aircraft, the "Hound Dog II" and the "Lisa Marie", were auctioned in January 2015. They were fitted with gold-plated safety harnesses and a 24-carat golden sink.

However, the sale came up against protest because it had had such a firm place in the Graceland museums for over 30 years. Unlike the "Hound Dog II" and "Lisa Marie" models, this aircraft was in private ownership for over 35 years and "is the only aircraft that once belonged to Elvis and is still in private ownership".

" That means this could be your only gunshot at an Elvis airplane. This Lockheed Jetstar Jet from 1962 has a romantic value because Elvis possessed it together with his sire Vernon Presley. The aircraft, known as the "Lost" Jet, is equipped with the characteristic skirt stars' styling, among them soft toys, soft seat covers made of soft fabric that are significantly lowered by the weights of several objects, bath tubs made of white stone and golden taps (not to speak of some old-school televisions and an apparent microwave).

Salesman says the jet is in the same state it was when Elvis had it, which is fantastic, but also means it doesn't have an engine or a working dashboard. The aircraft is likely to be sold for between $2 and $3.5 million, while the take-off bids were $10,000.

Saturday is the deadline for the sale and now the highest of 59 offers is $351,000. Bidders who win will be given a duly authenticated, autographed and sworn declaration of originality by the vendor, and it is important to remember that they must be dismantled to be sent, even though the bidding house agrees to support this at the cost of the buyer.

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