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Prior to the use of jet jumpers, travellers usually climbed an aeroplane by going along the ground-level embankment and a series of moving staircases, or in aeroplanes fitted out in this way, up the upper staircase. The Jet Bridge provides weather-independent, arid air traffic and increases the safety of air traffic. At one end, they are often firmly connected to the terminals by a fulcrum (or rotunda) and can swivel to the right or forwards.

At the end of the gantry crane, the cab can be lifted or low, extend or retract and swivel to accept different sized aeroplanes. There is an accordion-like enclosure in the cab, which allows the deck to be attached to various types of airplanes and provides an almost weatherproof sealing.

In addition, many helicopters feature levelling fixtures for the part of the ground that comes into direct air travel, allowing occupants to move gradually from the flat ground to the inclined jet deck. Jet jumpers for example allow people with many kinds of handicaps and reduced mobility better flight accessibility as they can get on and off without having to climb steps or use a special elevator.

A number of airport with global gateways have two or three jumpers for bigger planes with multientry. Theoretically, this allows bigger planes to leave more quickly, although it is quite usual to use one jet for First and/or Middle East passenger only, while the other jet is for Economic passenger only, especially for Boeing 747 and Boeing 777.

Airbus A380 is one of a kind in that both of its twin-beds have external doorways, allowing two or more dock levellers, with one jet bridge for each decking having the benefit of quicker airplane load (parallel). Connections will be built at Logan Airport in Boston, Kuala Lumpur Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, Johannesburg Airport and the new Calgary Airport Global Airport Global Airport.

Accelerated cargo handling can result in lower fees, fewer delay times and more passengers for the airports, which in turn can affect an airline's bottom line. Although dock levellers are usually fixed to their terminals and only the cabin remains freely moveable, this is not always the case. At Melbourne Airport's Melbourne Global Terminals - and at the old Kai Tak Hong Kong dock - they are centrally moored and moveable at both ends so that the terminals can be lifted or sunk to either the departure or arrival levels of the buildings.

Dock levellers limit aeroplane car parks to places in the immediate vicinity of the terminals. Dock levellers can be dangerous for the airplane if they are not used properly. Failure to fully retract the jumper before take-off may result in it touching protrusions of the rolling airplane (e.g. a constriction tube), necessitating repairs and delay. In addition, the dock leveller can be froze up to the airplane in colder weathers.

The jet deck may then cause damages to the airplane during retraction if this area has not been correctly de-iced. Jet jumpers have a further drawback when used with local jetliners, as they only allow one plane to be parked simultaneously at the airport gate. A number of carriers have jet jumpers located at local jet gateways at Atlanta Airport, which have few gateways.

Operators may use two or more local jet planes per gate when disembarking a passenger on the taxiway or dock. At many other locations, such as Beijing Capital Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, a single gateway for large planes can be used for two smaller planes such as Boeing 737s or Airbus A320s.

Blast gantries are sometimes used at smaller, single-storey aerodromes. Here, a traveller goes through the gates and then up a staircase to reach the level of the beamlift. One example is South Bend International Airport in South Bend, Indiana. As an alternative, a loading dock can be used in the terminals to take travellers from the holding area to the level of the jet dock.

Sawyer International near Marquette, Michigan on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, has jet jumpers that can carry customers on smaller commercial airliners such as the Saab 340 Turbo-Prop. Tompkins Regional International Airfield in Ithaca, New York, has two gateways that use this concept. It can be done to lure major carriers requiring the use of a jet deck to the airports, to make it simpler for handicapped persons to land smaller aeroplanes and to enhance the transfer procedure in case of poor air conditions.

Inside the aerodrome station the jumper is linked to a gateway (called "Gate") in the station walls behind the gates desks. As soon as the aircraft's embarkation begins, boarders surrender their embarkation cards to the designated aircraft's credentials, which let them through. Inside, the gangway looks like a small, illuminated corridor in an officebuilding, without door.

Dock levellers usually have no window, but glazed panels are becoming more frequent. A few jumpers have advertising on inside or outside wall. The use of a draw-in tunnelling construction allows load platforms of different length to be extended and retracted. A number of aerodromes use pavements to increase the effective range of a gantry crane.

There is a permanent sidewalk extending from the terminals and connecting to the gantry crane rotunda. Sometimes permanent gantries result in several dock levellers. Some passenger boarding bridges exist (e.g. several older ones at the Edmonton International Airport Northern Terminal) which, unlike props, are directly on the floor.

Cabin of the gantry crane is lifted and lifted to connect to planes with different sills. Cabin heigth is adjusted to the level of the airplane doorside sills. Frequently this leads to a gradient over the length of the load platform. Controllers in older system include a large number of single engine management keys whose effective handling requires a high level of user knowledge and expertise.

"It'?s a brief story of the much insulted Jet Bridge." The mobile covered flight deck of the airfield. The investigation begins with the cave-in of the Sydney Sidewalk. 2 hurt in the crash of the jetbrige at LA International Airports.

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