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The North American Jet Charter flies the world's first paying passengers with Eclipse VLJ

Ben Klein, Up Stairs Solutions Chief Executive Officer, who was the first paid payer, receives a shake from Ken Ross (left), Chairman of North American Jet Charter Group, LLC, and master of the world's first Eclipse 500 charters. North American Jet Charter Group, LLC, became the world's first FAR Part 135 on-demand charter company on August 14 to obtain Federal Aviation Administration clearance to commence operations with the very lightweight Eclipse 500 Jet.

It was the first airline in the industry to charter the Eclipse VLJ for charter customers. It took off from North American Jet Charter head office at Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) in Wheeling, Illinois, and landed a little over an hours later at Martin State Airport (MTN) in Baltimore, MD.

Mr Ross said the plane took 1.7 hrs in each direction, with the plane at 33,000 ft and the real velocity of the plane at 316 kn. Ever since its maiden voyage, the airline has been operating Eclipse flights with additional managers. Mr Ross said that he and other corporate drivers were among the first to successfully complete FAA checks to obtain a Eclipse model ratings.

For the time being, he said that all charter planes with the Eclipse VLJ will have a two-person team. Mr. Ross said that the corporation expected that by the end of the year 15 to 20 Eclipse 500s will be under administration. The Eclipse Aviation Corp. For more than eight years, the Eclipse 500 has been waiting for one of its planes to be flown under FAR Part 135.

The North American Jet Charter Eclipse 500 is preparing for the world's first VLJ charter from Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) in Wheeling, Illinois to Martin State Airport (MTN) in Baltimore, MD. Ross, an enthusiastic fan of the Eclipse 500's ability to fly, says that the aircraft's operational efficiencies make it a good option for those who need on-demand charter choices.

Mr. Ross said that North American Jet Charter's new "Q" programme - its "quintessential" travel agency services - will provide an airlimo facility at half the cost of the company's conventional charter rates. Up Stairs Solutions Chief Executive Officer Ben Klein could hardly contain his excitement as the first paid traveller to travel on an Eclipse VLJ. Mr Klein said he was thrilled to be one of the first charterers on the Eclipse and that the overall learning curve was better than he had anticipated.

"Eclipse is a small jet, so I didn't anticipate the plane would be as quiet as it was," he said. Klein, whose business has more than 1,300 employees, said he also bought an Eclipse 500 from N.M.-based Eclipse Aviation. His Eclipse, with which he was flying, had no toilet, but Klein says his will for a good cause.

Klein is delighted that the company's staff can now operate Eclipse charters and will take this opportunity when his business receives its own airplane. Small has high hopes for the North American Jet Charter.

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