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The Cap-Haïtien International Airport (IATA: CAP, ICAO: MTCH) is an airport serving Cap-Haïtien, a city in northern Haiti. It' the second largest airport in Haiti. Cape Haitien (CAP) airport guide: terminal maps, arrival and departure times, check-in information and more. From Cap-Haitien International Airport: Booking cheap flights from airport Cap-Haitien Intl.


The Cap-Haïtien International Airport (IATA: CAP, ICAO: MTCH) is an airport that serves Cap-Haïtien,[1] a northern town in Haiti. It' the second biggest airport in Haiti. The airport links Haiti with Miami International Airport, Providenciales International Airport, Cibao International Airport and others in the Caribbean. Last airport for refuelling General Air from the Bahamas to Haiti is Great Inagua, an airport in Matthew Town (IATA: IGA, ICAO: MYIG).

A spokesperson for Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe on 18 April 2013 said that the airport would be re-named "Hugo Chávez International Airport" in honor of the deceased President of Venezuela, the day before Haiti's President Michel Martelly was to take part in the opening of Nicolas Maduro's Caracas airport. Gary Bodeau, the prime minister's spokesperson, said: "President Chávez has done his best to help Haiti in the most challenging time.

It has provided over $1 billion in support for Haiti and is loved by the haitian population. In homage to him and for his work in Haiti, we have chosen to name the airport in Cap-Haïtien in his honour"[5] However, the plan to change the name of the airport failed. It is located at a height of 3 meters (10 ft) above mean sea level.

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Cape Haitia International Airport (CAP/MTCH) | Arrivals, departures & routes

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