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Jet experience

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In the legendary Bangkok town, known for its bustling streets and artful sanctuaries, visitors can float from the lush jungles and coconut-lined banks of Sri Lanka to the countless blues of the stunning Malay Islands. The Gulfstream V can accommodate large groups without difficulty, with a three-zone cab interior for working, eating, talking and relaxing, the GV is the perfect option for luxurious journeys.

Tangalle's resorts combine genuine local ingredients and cosmopolitan flavours to offer infinite opportunities for a variety of wellness pursuits, from aryurvedic wellness travel to thrilling windsurfing and personalized spas. Having dined with a sustainable kitchen taken from ranch to rock by a privately-owned cook, you will learn the arts of Sri Lankan cookery by attending an exquisite cookery course.

Tap the view of the Mediterranean from a comfortable porch and unwind as the sky falls below the skyline and signals the end of another exciting paradise outing. Once a glimpse of unrest returns, visitors can take a jet to the Maldives on a flight to the city. Observe from the windows of a personal seaplane how the twenty-six lower reaches of the twenty-six lower reaches, like a chain of necks, stretch across countless tones of deep-blue ocean.

Above water mansions have a two level decking with shady vibrating lounger, eating area and sea hammocks above and a solar lower decking with deckchairs and stairs into the Laguna. Villa's are set in a pristine environment, with palm groves that protrude through some of the villas' ceiling, and luxuriant porches that provide shadow and serenity.

You can go to a distant giant latitude at midnight with a personal stargazer in the only observation tower in the South Indian Ocean. Visitors can call Rose Ongvisit on +66 (0) 81 170 5463 or e-mail

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