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light aircraft

Fly with the cheapest privat jet in the word Clarification that the Piper Seneca is a twin-engined, propeller-driven aircraft. At some point, when I began to move the joy stick - and the airplane was overheated in reaction - I was addicted. Duluth, Minn. markets the new Vision SF50 as the most economical private jet on the open commercial jet scene.

Consequently, the Vision Jet is the type of aircraft that Cirrus says could have a major influence on the aerospace industry - and brings a jet much nearer to the affordable reach of many flyers who now choose to fly turbo-prop or reciprocating aircraft. Featuring five seats for five grown-ups and two children, the Vision Jet is on the small side when it comes to personal aircraft, but still has an amazing performance.

During a test over Los Angeles, the Vision Jet proved to be sturdy, spacious and quick. Williams International's individual FJ33-5A jet powerplant, able to generate 1,800 lbs of thrusts, lets us cross at 300 mb at 14,000 ft, half way to maximal deck. This compares to an aircraft like the Piper Seneca, which is propelled by two turboprop aircraft, which travels at about 186 milliph (and according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association cost about half as much).

The Vision Jet on the Santa Monica Airport taxiway, behind the west perimeter of Los Angeles, certainly looks small like a jet. The aircraft is 10 ft tall and about 30 ft long with bright crimson highlights on the neat blank hull - a toy-like figure eclipsed by the 50-foot aircraft around the apron.

The Cirrus Chief executive Ben Kowalski, who accompanied us on the mission, welcomed the aircraft's arrival. "Others are flashing with their fingers up and even asking to take a picture with the airplane on the floor. Inside, the aircraft looks larger than it seems - even roomy. It has a cab that's 4.1 ft high and 5 meters high.

However, the take-off role - at just over 2,000 ft altitude - was a pleasant event without the push-you-back-in-your-seat G-forces of a large airliner. It spread out below as the airplane climbed higher, overlooking the car-lined motorways and palm-lined roads from the extra-large plain window.

In the middle of the air I was loaded on the pilots place, where it felt because of the large window like in the air. Purchasers must have a pilot's licence to include their name in the order book, but the aircraft has security functions that allow even an untrained beginner to briefly operate the joy stick.

The Garmin Perspective Touch system kept the aircraft on course during my test mission. Because of the cover system, no drastic turning was possible no matter how much I inclined the lever on the l.h. side (there is a second lever on the other side of the dashboard for those preferring right-handed pilots).

Indicators have easy-to-read monitors that show all the basic information about the airplane, the precise location of the jet, the forecast for the next 100 mile, the flight schedule and even the main motorways on the floor below. Even worse, there is still the Cirrus full-area chute, which unfurls from the jet nozzle and softly pulls the airplane to the floor.

Since it was founded, Cirrus has credited the system with rescuing up to 90 human lifetimes in an emergency on board its various aircraft types.

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