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To sell used passenger planes

Which passenger aircraft is currently most frequently used? Only two aerospace industries exist, AIRBUS and BOEING, which produce a large number of passenger planes each year. Now, if you are competing between them to date, Airbus has won 8,933 orders and delivered 4,824 planes, and Boeing has won 8,428 orders and delivered 4,458 planes. Although both have almost the same importance in the commercial arena, Airbus is the leader in the production of passenger jets, so if you come to an Airbus custom and detail look at Airbus, which has been the most widely used passenger jet so far, then this is the A 320, A 321, A 330 and A 320 neos recently launched by Airbus.

The A 340, A 350, A 380 is also used by passenger flights, but is relatively low compared to other aircrafts. Boeing B 737, B 787, B 777 use B 777 mainly for B 747. Everything from the mind will depend on the hour of the morning - when the USA sleep, the Airbus A320 gains in comfort, when Europe sleeps and America is up, the 737 gains in comfort.

Overall, I would say that the Airbus A320 aircraft will win in its present deployment - only. When you look at a particular release, it's between the 737-800 and the 320 - with the 320 just gaining (probably) - Wikipedia shows 4300 models of the 320, compared to about 4200 for the 737-800. Much of the daily over 1500 of each of these two aircraft simultaneously in the sky.

Nice brain that blows material when you think that's over 3000 planes before you begin the evening before to count other models in the same batch or all the other popular ones. I' ve just reviewed it and if you count Boeing 747/757/767/787 and Airbus A330/A340/A350/A380 together, you're still over 1000 away from the (combined) number of 737-800 and Airbus 320 aircraft in the aer.

The Boeing 737 and its variations, if they refer to Jetliner. The Boeing 737 is by far the most widely used passenger plane of all times.

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