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Aircraft private hire

An extensive database of private jets, turbo props and commercial aircraft available for charter. Privat Charter | Management of Business Aircraft One of the world's premier providers of aircraft charters, the company has unrivalled capabilities in the development of large private aircraft and one of the world's biggest aircraft charters. Teaming up with your airline to provide the best possible flight experiences, all over the globe, with luxurious amenities and charm, offers private aircraft charterers the opportunity to fly with confidence.

Leaders, chiefs of state, entertainment professionals and succesful private persons will be enjoying the visibility of the Concierge plane on their private aircraft charters. There are three good reason to select your next private aircraft from our range: Long Range, Large cabin specialized aircraft - we operate one of the world's biggest fleets of luxurious private aircraft, our exclusive Long Range, Large cabinet aircraft.

Teaming up with the world's largest corporate aircraft manufacturer, jet Aviation's aircraft portfolio comprises the world's largest aircraft fleets: Regardless of whether your trip is medium, continental or trans soceanic, we have the right aircraft for your corporate and individual charters. Best-in-class jet charter security assessments - The company has received the highest security assessments from ARG/US, Wyvern Wingman Alliance and IS-BAO and is a member of the Air charter security foundation.

This certification has only been obtained by a small number of aircraft charters and makes Jet Aviation a top of the range in respect of aircraft charters security standard. As well as our own improved internal programmes, our crew are top experts who participate in recurring aviation security and simuflite workouts.

Every team is assigned to a particular aircraft. In this way it is ensured that the pilot and cabin attendant are very familiar with the aircraft being flown. Jet Aviation Soup-to-Nuts Concierge Services - Jet Aviation offers more than just a single airline for you. With our outstanding client support team, we can take care of all facets of your private charters, from providing face-to-face pre-flight advice to providing food and drink and post-flight convenience - making it your own private tour itinerary.

All your travelling needs can be taken into account, with land transport to the airports and to your destinations. Teaming up with our customers, our private aircraft hire services are designed to meet any number of passenger requirements and include the most popular aircraft: Global private charters set the standards for state-of-the-art, silent and fuel-efficient aircraft that get you to your destinations quickly and easily.

For the discerning traveler, every single jet of your fleet is fitted with the stylish comforts, WIFI, home cinema equipment and executive production features you need.

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