Most Luxurious Private Jet Interiors

Luxurious private jet interiors

Most luxurious interiors of private jets. In six of the most pricey private planes in the whole wide open sky. Just as the wealthiest schedule in the whole wide range has been consumed over the years, the sizes of their private planes have also increased. More and more airlines are preferring to hire planes as the number of planes available for charters is constantly increasing. Among the available choices on the open plan markets are planes with their own meeting rooms, main bedroom and private study rooms, sometimes with up to 50 employees.

This BBJ 767, made in 2001, has a particularly interesting design with a twin front bedside facing airplane with a special bath room and a private office specifically developed for chiefs of state and top C. E. O. E. command. In the centre of the airplane there is another lounging area for up to four persons for private dinner and relaxing.

On the back of the aircraft, there are an additional 20 B2B seating spaces as well as 33 luxury savings spaces in case a large number of passenger needs to be carried. In 2013 the aircraft was completely renovated. Designed by Edese Doret, the BBJ 737's cab can accommodate up to 34 guests in total luxury, including 8 in executive seating.

In front of the aircraft there is a master room with its own private bath and a fully equipped king-size queen -size berth. The BBJ is piloted by a group of 3 pilot and one flying engineer and also has up to five steward. The aircraft travels at 853 km/h with a maximum operating distance of almost 10hrs.

To enable a fast access to TV and fast access to the web, a specific aerial system was mounted on the airplane. Unlike the BBJ, this Airbus Elite 318+ has been developed and engineered with high-end convenience in mind. What's more, it's a new Airbus Elite 318+. Divided into several reclining areas, the stateroom can accommodate up to 19 persons, who can be converted into convenient bedding during nights.

Based on its expertise with million of passenger per year, Emirates has developed the airplane to be used as a lounge for relaxing and socialising as well as a company meeting and dinner in the open skies. Conveniences on board the airplane are a large bath and showers as well as high-end gear for the best dining sensation in the sky.

In addition, for privacy and convenience, the airplane is equipped with twelve single suite facilities, similar to the carrier's first classical offers, where customers can enjoy relaxation during the air. This airplane is built for highest on-board comforts. First of all, the cabins have a large double room, resembling a boat in front of the airplane, with its own bath and showers, as well as a private living room with TV and seating area.

In the middle of the airplane there is a round dining room for up to 6 people. In the back of the airplane's main body there is a lounger with chairs, coffeetables and a couch. Aft of the cab, there are eight luxurious seating areas around two dining desks and a room devoted to relaxing the team.

In addition, an on-board animation system has more than 200 films on call and WIFI is spread throughout the entire plane. This Lineage 1000, a smaller plane than others on this schedule, was built by Embraer in Brazil and can carry up to 19 people thanks to its long cab. The plane is divided into several common areas and has two en-suite toilets, four couches and a variety of seating to accommodate guests.

One of the aircraft's conveniences is an extra vagant personnel area where the cabins personnel can relax and take care of their passengers. It is reported on the merchant side that such an aeroplane would almost be $53 million if purchased by Embraer, with the Falcon 7X and Gulfstream G600 being its major rivals in this class.

While these private planes are undoubtedly large, bigger entities operate at airports around the globe. However, for most of them these are used either as private/company planes or solely by leaders. However, this is becoming extremely scarce as a younger breed of operators is striving for greater efficiencies.

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