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Check out traveler reviews and find great flight deals for Alitalia. It operates in the freight sector, which transports freight and mail in the holds of its aircraft through its own freight office. Reviews of Alitalia and flights (with photos) Flew with Alitalia a few flights. These were from Madrid or Barcelona to Rome, FCO. It' my first plane from Rome to Mexico City.

The plane was late. Servicing while the plane was good. Really an extraordinary ride. Well, the meal on offer is good for such a long trip.

Alitalia is my strongest recommendation. from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles. Each stage of the journey was excellently equipped with the best meal services one could wish for. During the 11-hour trip from Rome to LA, they ate kosher dishes when asked for.

On the way back to Rome. I and my wifes were very frustrated by our premium economy ticket from September 11th from Rome to Los Angeles. That was the arriving part of the outward and round voyage. At the time I was booking the plane, the operative told me that Wifi would be available on both flights.....

Not much of a welcome there when the first to arrive on aboard, beverages were not available until after takeoff I could just as well be traveling in economies wasting cash, would not suggest doing B. C. trips on this carrier. In comparison to other carriers, Alitalia performs really well. In August 2018 I travelled to Alitalia and the room was great.

At night we took a plane, the reservation and selection of the additional luggage handling was simple and kind, I don't remember any delayed flights, there was a small lateness of about 20 minutes when getting on the plane, the services were fine. I' ve never gone to an aerodrome that has such a dreadful system and such a dreadful wait.

Recently we travelled from Mexico via Rome in Alitalia to Barcelona.

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The Italian airline Alitalia, la plus grande compagnie aérienne italienne, a son siège à Fiumicino près de Rome. Allitalia was founded in 1946 and since its inception, the Italian airline has steadily expanded its network of routes, with some 25 million passengers a year using Alitalia's services, which mainly serve destinations in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

With more than 120 aircraft, Alitalia has a completely renewed fleet, which is one of the youngest in the world. However, Alitalia is particularly noticed for the fact that the Italian airline has been successfully operating the Pope's international flights for over 40 years. The data and information provided are from January 2017, but may change at any time without notice from the airline.

Allitalia offers its passengers various check-in options, ranging from online check-in, portable check-in to Quick check-in and tele check-in. Online check-in est possible la veille de votre départ avec Alitalia - même si vous souhaitez toujours enregistrer vos bagages au comptoir. With Alitalia's portable check-in, you can have your boarding pass sent directly to your smartphone as a text message.

However, this service is only available for simple flights to the main Italian airports and some European destinations. In order to avoid unnecessary queues and delays at the airport, Alitalia offers the so-called quick check-in service at various airports, which allows you to pick up your boarding pass at the automatic machines at the airport.

The Italian airline's Tele-Check-in est uniquement disponible pour les membres exclusifs du Club voyageant avec des bagages à main. Detailed information on the individual check-in options and the check-in times to be observed to be observed can be found on the current website of Alitalia. The Alitalia autorise comme bagage à main un bagage ne pesant pas plus de 8 kg et ne dépassant pas 55x35x25 cm (HxWxD).

The free baggage allowance for Alitalia depends on the destination and the class of travel booked. On Alitalia propose sur son site Internet une présentation claire des différentes réglementations. The flat rate for excess baggage also depends on the destination and is between 60 and 150 euros. If you want to check in more baggage than the free baggage allowance, you pay between 60 euros and 285 euros.

The fees for large pieces of luggage range from 55 euros to 300 euros. During booking and check-in you have the opportunity to reserve a seat on the aircraft. This service is free of charge at Alitalia. Online check-in est le moyen idéal pour réserver une place avant le vol.

Alitalia dispose également d'une hotline téléphonique pour les demandes de réservation. This service costs 15 euros per leg on domestic flights, between 25 and 35 euros per leg on international flights and between 75 and 85 euros per leg on intercontinental flights. On longera les vols et on pourra choisir entre plusieurs spécialités de viande et de pâtes.

So fresh fruit or desserts are served to the passengers of Alitalia. In addition, of course, an extensive selection of beverages is also available. A presentation of the current programme can be found on the Alitalia homepage. Our reviews of vendors are based on customer feedback over :

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