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JJDC, Inc. - Johnson & Johnson Innovation JJDC, Inc. - Johnson & Johnson Innovations JJDC focuses on growth businesses, not just investment. Johnson & Johnson's strategy as a risk investor is to explore ways to address health needs. Johnson & Johnson's comprehensive worldwide capability to work together to promote innovations benefits our partner organizations.

The JJDC finds transformational ideals and assists them to develop true answers for today's people. JJDC works side-by-side with partner organizations, led by a clear, coherent and science-driven investing approach, to create groundbreaking innovative medicines. Cross-industry investments - in the pharmaceutical, device and public sector industries - are made at all levels, from Seed to B Series and beyond.

Each of our investee businesses receives the same steadfast dedication. Johnson & Johnson's corporate culture is based on a long-term vision and leverages the full potential of the Johnson & Johnson corporate franchise, which includes drug discovery, drug delivery, registration, manufacturing and marketing. We have a positive effect on people' lives through innovations. For this purpose, we are identifying the best chances in all industries and enabling inventors to take advantage of Johnson & Johnson's many ressources.

Our committed investment team focuses on all phases of our innovative efforts in all four sectors: pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer healthcare and general healthcare. Our search is for innovative products with great promise that will transform the way people's bodies live and work around the world. When your early-stage business wants to drive a programme that's ahead of demonstrating the value of the idea to human beings, link up with one of our Johnson & Johnson centers of excellence based around the world in the Asia Pacific, Boston, California and London live sciences hotspots.

JJDC does not have a uniform methodology. Adapting every business to the occasion, from seed and A investment in early-stage start-ups to B-series investment and beyond in more sophisticated businesses. In addition, we make privately held investment in publicsector equities. JJDC has been investing in more than 40 years in thousands of innovating pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and health care businesses.

Our belief in value-added investment is to play an aggressive roll in our strategy and provide easy entry to in-house talent across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. The JJDC is looking for inspiration that matches our pharmaceutical, consumer and medical device people. Multisymptom head cold, cough and sore throat, digestive health:

When you want to talk about a cooperation, just click on the Contacts link that connects you to our ideas portal and a member of our staff will get in touch with you.

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