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Airport Transfer Madrid - Madrid Airport to City

Particular note for departing from Madrid Barajas airport: Because of the extra checks at Madrid International airport on your arrival and departures, we recommend that you plan your pick-up from the Madrid downtown area to Madrid International at least 3 hrs before your arrival date. The Hire per hour rate is only available within the Madrid area; for trips outside Madrid or for air transfer (from and to any place, inside or outside the Madrid area) please choose the "Door to Door" page and finally include the desired stop (s) to each place you wish to attend as extrastop.

Please do not miss your travel information (flight number and name of the airline) when arranging a private taxi from Madrid Barajas International Airport to the City of Madrid. The information is very important to verify your Madrid International Arrivals Number and to avoid problems in case of delayed flights. When you specify the same amount of elapsed travel times as your booked elapsed travel times, our chauffeur will review your travel times and display them at the air port at the same times as your arrivals.

He' will await you 1 hours from your check-in to give you your baggage clause and duty allowance. Drivers await you in the arrivals lounges and show you a plank with your name. In case you cannot find your chauffeur, please do not exit the arrivals area and immediately call our support centre at the number indicated in the coupon.

Fill in the booking sheet with the desired pick-up times and our chauffeur will pick you up at the desired pick-up times (regardless of the date of your flight) at the destination ATC. When departing from Madrid to the Madrid International Airports, please provide the full pick-up location plus your full room number or full name of the accommodation (if departing from a hotel).

A taxi will be displayed at the indicated location or, in case of a pick-up from the airport, the taxi will ask you at the airport desk. Pick-up from Madrid is good 2.5 hrs before your plane leaves. In case of any doubts, please fill in the booking request and we will verify the pick-up times.

Do not miss to include your ticket number (airline name and ticket number) to check your booking. In case your chauffeur does not appear at the planned date, please immediately call our assistant centre at the telephone number indicated in the receipt.

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