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to sell Apple TV 4K Box toubs. Charter Communications will market and trade the Apple TV 4K to Apple's 4K paying TV customer through a partnership with Charter Communications, underpinned by a Spectrum TV application running on and closely embedded with Apple's streamed TV. Charter's Spectrum TV application for Apple TV will be launched later this year, offering paid TV viewers direct connection to VOD programmes and VODs.

Charter and Apple have not described the business deal with the new 4K-enabled Apple TV in detail, but Charter has previously worked with Roku on retail-oriented promotional campaigns focusing on Rokuers. "We look forward to working with Apple and to launching the Spectrum TV app on Apple TV later this year," Charter said in a declaration.

New Spectrum TV application for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad integrates with Siri. Charters will also offer the iPhone and iPad as MSOs push ahead with their plan to roll out a wireless services based on Charter's MVNO agreements with Verizon Wireless. According to reports, Charter is planning to implement its cellular phone system, to be known as Spectrum Mobil by the end of the monthly period.

Today Apple and Charter announce their partnership during Apple's WWDC basic address. Apple presented its latest OS for Apple TV with tivOS. With the new release of dvOS, the authentification procedure is further simplified with a "zero-sign-on" function that recognizes the user's wideband access net work-and logs them in for all the applications they receive through their subscriptions without having to enter them.

Apples said the Zero Design On capability will be launched with Charter later this year and will be extended to other AVPDs over the years. DirecTV Now from AT&T, Canal+ in France and Salt in Switzerland, as Apple stated, are other AVPDs that have started to provide their clients with Apple TV 4K sets with their service. Speaking as part of its previews for 12 Apple said its 4K-enabled TV will be able to display both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Autumn this year, Apple will be offering the biggest Dolby Atmos-supported movie library in the world, which includes Dolby Atmos sound at no extra cost. Today the Apple Development Program members have access to the Apple Development Program Development Guide. It is expected that the new release of ApplevOS will be available this autumn as a free download for Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV 4 Gen 4 boxes.

Last autumn, Apple unveiled the Apple TV 4K.

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