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Are you looking for access to the partner portal? Turn-key portal for quick and easy management. The introduction to the programme is simple: Charter provides the deployment schedule, an optimised workflow and an estimation of your revenue potentials.

Individually customisable choices Satisfy your clients by offering them exactly the service they need. There are no charter agreements or solvency check needs no charter agreements and has a 30 day cash back warranty to make registration simple. Until $500? Contractual buyout This compelling inducement gives clients up to $500 to help them opt out of a different provider's deal.

In addition, clients get a free of charge fashioning. You' re up and speed quickly with a seamlessly integrated business transformation approach. Provide on-line control of scheduled client installation, reporting and premium refund. A simple add-on to your current selling processes can lead to an increase in turnover. Detailled & customizable sale reporting allows you to chart your activities and forecast your income.

Committed on-site distribution and technical assistance You never go alone. As a trading affiliate you will be considered a valued member of our field service. Here is what other retail dealers have asked about the Charter Affiliate Program: When selling your product or service to private individuals, the response is YES!

Enterprises offering interoperable goods and solutions can be safety or alerting firms, estate agents, utilities, etc. In order to be eligible for the Agreement Buyer Programme, a client must order and implement a Triple Play qualifier or a restricted Triple play action; deals are not available in all areas. Quotation applies only to qualified clients who have no open commitments to the charter.

You can find all information about our customers here.

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