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Heat up your home with the cuddly scents of autumn when you light Glade's Apple Cinnamon Candle. Campaigns and promotional products Colour: Make sure this matches by typing in your style number. The fragrance is refreshing and long-lasting, with many scents to chose from. The Glade is a brand of S.C.

Johnson, Inc. and is used under licence. Glade Auto Lufterfr esser keeps your home as cool as your own home. We just had a bug with review filters.

Plugin Glade, Apple Cinnamon, 1.34 fl. Oz.

The Glade Automatic Spray, Cinnamon, 6. 2z. This icon opens a dialogue that shows extra pictures for this item with the possibility to enlarge or reduce. 6. 2 ov. We would like to show you detailed information about our products. Refreshes the atmosphere with the fragrance of cinnamon.

The transparent tank allows you to know when it is your turn to change the tank. Long persistent apple-cinnamon aroma. It contains aromatic oils. Prevent eye exposure. Eye - Immediately flush eye with copious amounts of mineral wool for at least 15 min. Remove the sealing cover from the perfume flask and place it in the heater.

Substitute the empty scented oily water with Glade PlugIns Scented Oily Repills only. Never use other top-ups in Glade PlugIns scented heaters. Odour odours may accumulate on the warm device over the years. For cleaning, unplug the warm appliance from the wall socket and rinse with a damp towel. It contains aromatic oil.

Prevent eye exposure. I' ve been buying Glade items for years and I just have to say that they are marvelous, Apple and Cinnamon is one of my favourite fragrances from Glade is simply perfectly because they're not too potent, but none is too easy, so the perfume of freshness of apples ans aromatic cinnamon is perfectly in your home,

Allows you to set the amount of aroma in front of the device and is also durable, so you don't have to be worried about having to change your fillings all the time, it's a great item, I also recommend hairy breezes and custard breezes, thanks! Cinnamon is a tasty Apple perfume. That is my favourite Glade perfume for my plug-ins.

Exudes a beautiful, fresh, pure fragrance of apples through your home and keeps for a while. Nursing plans can be added within 30 workingdays of the date of sale.

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