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The JoinUp Taxi is a technological platform for taxi service. The JoinUp is not another taxi app. You can also see on a map how far away your taxi is. The Join Up is an app that allows users to book and share taxis to reduce the number of cars on the road, thereby reducing air pollution and emissions. Travel JoinUp Taxi Passenger for Android for free.

Business Travel Specialists: Company transportation and MEICE

Development of CSR and CICE. Connect with more than 500 businesses and offer your teams the best shipping expertise. Evaluation of this ministry is excellent." "After developing the first carpooling app, the business is focused on fostering an innovation driven business travel technological platforms.

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The JoinUp is not another taxi app. Always attentive to your needs, our staff will ensure that you have an extraordinary adventure on every trip. We' re releasing new releases on a regular basis to give you the best travelling experiences ever. Don't delay in contributing your proposals or thoughts, we want to keep studying with you.

Cabiedes, Big Sur Ventures and FJME invest ?460,000 in JoinUp Taxi.

The JoinUp Taxi start-up, co-founded in 2013 by Elena Peyró and Alberto López, has completed its second round of financing with Cabiedes, Big Sur and Fides. The JoinUp Taxi start-up, co-founded by Elena Peyró and Alberto López in 2013, has completed its second round of financing. Fides, Big Sur Ventures-Necotium and Cabiedes & Partners join the venture with 460.000 Euro for the trip (no wordplay intended), so that the sum of the Madrid start-up rises to 660.000 Euro.

The JoinUp Taxi service provides various transport services in the town for both customers and business. It allows users to enjoy taxi journeys with other travellers who could travel in the same directions, and it has also developed a system for business and industry to administer taxi journeys for their employees in 17 towns in Spain.

"We provide them with many benefits, among them complete visibility into their transport agreements and a timetable where all taxi-related information is displayed and contained. Mr Peyró added that they have an outstanding rapport with taxi riders, perhaps in an attempt to distinguish themselves from other taxi-unfriendly businesses such as Cabify or Uber.

When asked about the development of the business over the last two years, Peyró replied that they have more than 70 business customers, that they have been expanding at +35% since January 2015 and that they are currently operating in 17 towns in Spain. Mr. Benn also worked as a datanalyst for

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