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421 Euro to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK)

Bangkok is at the top of the agenda when it comes to traveling to Southeast Asia. No wonder it has become such a favourite place with the arrival of cheap Bangkok itineraries. Bangkok has several destinations with frequent departures every day from many different destinations, and Bangkok services are available with all major carriers.

Cheap air fares to Bangkok are picked up by leaflets. Redecorated with a new building, Suvarnabhumi International Park International Park is a symbol of the city. Luggage storage options and other airside amenities are first-rate. As soon as you have landed at the international airports, you can rent from one of the many transportation companies.

There is a choice of local trains or shuttles from the Hua Takhe International Airports. Four AC busses are also available, starting from the first storey of the Suvarnabhumi terminals. Twelve more busses run to other Bangkok cities. Automobiles, taxi and limousine are also convenient transportation options from the airports.

Cheap Bangkok flight are in high demand, and for good reasons. Bangkok departures take you directly to the Chao Phraya river, old chapels, Bangkae Gardens, Dusit Zoo, Lumpini Gardens, Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, Chinatown and Suan Pakkard. Bangkok's roads are also an attractive destination for tourists.

It' no wonder that Bangkok is usually crowded. Bangkok is a very cheap destination, so make your booking today. Shoppin' and Bangkok go together. Tax-free stores at the airports sell a wide range of fragrances, jewellery, clothing and many nibbles. The city is known for its commercial centres and garage sales.

You can find Tommy Hilfiger prints in the stores or the original ones in the Mall. In Bangkok everything is available from electronic to brand clothing. Soft toy places like Zanotti, Bo Ian, Le Noramandie and the Erawan are very well known. You will find plenty of club and coctail lounge facilities that are among the best in Asia.

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