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Discover the perfect itinerary for your trip with some of our fantastic multi-stop flight routes! Indie, the multi-stop airfare search When I first met Indepie, it was exactly a year ago. Actually, I received an e-mail from BootsnAll that announces the start of the first multi-stop fare search. I have been a member of BootsnAll for quite some while, but in a completely lying in wait function to appreciate the value of the information they have provided and the value of the growing independent tour group.

So it was child's play to try this new one. To the best of my ability, as they said, it was the only multi-stop search utility at the forefront. With a technical perspective, I estimated the amount of work and resources that were needed to build the search, but there were some important functions missing that were important enough at least for me to put them into the stack "will be reviewed later".

Well, I returned to my normal search routine: I could look for flexibel appointments, switch location, check rates, etc... - many things that were still lacking in Indie. A year later, I got an e-mail with the mysterious topic "632 reason to start saving money at Indie 2014".

Honestly, back to my first try last year, "Indie" as the name of the search engine are not recorded in my mind - I referred to it all the while as " Multi-Country Flight Finder". Obviously, it's just timeto try again. Of course I'm not anxious to start my usual several hour/multi-website research and try to hesitate as long as possible.

And so Indie came back to life just in plenty of time. Mmm. Please be aware that you will need an BootsnAll login to store the results of your search. Last night I spend about an hours with Indie: varying places, schedules, even the order of the stages. And I got this criterion: with these search results:

Please be aware that variable schedules are only available for 5+ stage itineraries. "Cheapest Price", "Shortest Travel Time" and "Fewest Stops". I can then select the one that best fits my needs and refine it further: either by selecting a specific date or by selecting the Flex Data option:

Indie supports say they will consult with the airline companies to ensure the security of the tickets and give the users a full detailed brief. As I needed more of my free travel space to complete our plan and toy with the itinerary, I was not willing to make any bookings. Indexing makes it possible to store search results for later use.

Based on the search results, I have chosen a route/data rate for 2 people between $11,572 (lowest rate) and $21,784 (shortest time). As a research junky, I can't help but be tempted to do my own research just to make comparisons. But to be frank, Indie's search results are very satisfactory and even better than I thought.

The Indie UI I found was simple to use and quite intuitively, but there is a demonstration that shows how Indie works.

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