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Airplanes for sale, including corporate jets, business jets, business jets, private jets, turboprops and helicopters. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] The Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation is an American wholly-owned affiliate of General Dynamics. At Gulfstream we develop, develop, manufacture, market and service corporate jets. Since 1958, Gulfstream has manufactured more than 2,000 aircraft. The Gulfstream product line includes the G280, G350, G450, G500, G550, G600 and G650, as well as models equipped with models equipped with models equipped with models equipped with models equipped with models equipped with models equipped with models equipped with G650ER and G650ER.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. was formed in the 1950', when Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co., known for the manufacture of airplanes for the armed forces, began developing a two-stage turbo-prop corporate aircraft, the Grumman Gulfstream 1 (G-I), at its Bethpage, New York site.

The new aircraft, the first of its kind ever built for corporate use, was a huge hit and prompted Grumman to design the Grumman Gulfstream II or GII engine. In the same year, the name of the aircraft was renamed Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. to accommodate its global reach, and a new aircraft, the Gulfstream IV, was born.

In the following year, Gulfstream sold 8.8 million Gulfstream common bearer equity securities to the general public. 8.8 million Gulfstream common bearer equity securities were sold. Gulfstream for $637 million as part of the automaker's plans to expand into high-tech industry. This was also the year in which Gulfstream first entered the Fortune 500 at number 417.

After two years, the Gulfstream III, the last and largest of its kind in the world, was supplied and the first Gulfstream IV was supplied. GIV was the first commercial aircraft to feature an all-glass flight deck. In 1989 Chrysler resolved to divest Gulfstream, and Paulson merged with Forstmann Little & Co. - a privately held company specialising in debt financed acquisitions - and repurchased Gulfstream.

In the late 1990', General Dynamics bought Gulfstream,[8] and in 2000 opened a $5.5 million aircraft overhaul and equipment center in Savannah. Galaxy Aerospace was bought in 2001, with the acquisition of the medium-sized Astra SPX and the super-medium Galaxy, which were later renamed Gulfstream G100 and Gulfstream G200.

2 ] Also in 2001, Gulfstream acquired four US servicing sites in Dallas, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and West Palm Beach, Florida. Together with a Gulfstream plant in Westfield, Massachusetts, these centres comprised General Dynamics Aviation Services, which serviced and refurbished Gulfstream and other commercial jets. Gulfstream changed the name of its product in 2002 and used Arabian instead of Romans numbers to distinguish its aircraft.

During this period, the company's portfolio comprised the ultra-long-range Gulfstream G550 and G500, the long-range G400, the mid-range G300 and G200, and the high-speed 100. The year 2002 was also the year in which Gulfstream launched its Airborne Product Support aircraft, a purpose-built aircraft designed for the Airborne Product Support (APC) market, the purpose-built aircraft type 100. 2 ] It is used to supply parts and serve Gulfstream North American and Caribbean aircraft under guarantee at all times.

Gulfstream purchased a Gulfstream facility at London-Luton Airport in 2003, the first Gulfstream own facility to operate outside the United States. In 2003, the long-haul Gulfstream G450 was also presented. Gulfstream received the Collier Trophy 2003 for the G550 in 2004. It was the second in less than a decade that Gulfstream had won the prize.

G550 is the first commercial aircraft to obtain type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that incorporates an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) as part of the aircraft's basic outfit. This aircraft also included the first flight deck with PlaneView®, an integral four 36 cm (14 inch) horizontal LCD display aviation family.

The 12-year history of producing the S100 ended in 2006 and the Gulfstream G150 went into use. G150 was the first commercial aircraft to be FAA Level 4 approved, the industry's most rigorous acoustic standard. In 2006, Gulfstream also heralded expansion of its savannah plant and services.

A seven-year $400 million long-range master plan involved the construction of a new 58,030 square meter long distribution centre, an autonomous tank terminal, a 3,960 square meter painting facility, and a new distribution and design centre. In order to cover the immediate need for technical offices, Gulfstream opened a Research and Development Centre (RDC).

Gulfstream laid the foundation stone for a new production facility for corporate aircraft at its Savannah headquarters in April 2007. RDC II comprises an 550-person offices and a 150-person lab and test facility for Gulfstream's research and engineering activities.

In June, Gulfstream finished the extension of the new Sales and Design Center and in August opened the first stage of the new Savannah Service Center. Gulfstream first jointly evaluated its Synthetic Vision Primary Frontlight Display (SV-PFD) and EVS II in 2007. SV-PFD is an extension of Gulfstream PlaneView airplay.

The system has a three-dimensional colour picture of the ground superimposed with the symbolism of the main air traffic indicator placed on the monitor to provide a wide field of vision for the ground. Gulfstream launched a new commercial jets on 13 March 2008: the Gulfstream G650. G650 has the longest reach, the highest cruising speeds, the biggest cab and the most modern dashboard in the Gulfstream family.

Eighty-five or will travel short routes at a Mach 0 velocity. 925, making it the quickest civil aircraft. Gulfstream on 5 October of the same year heralded a further expansion of its commercial aircraft fleet: the large mid-size Gulfstream G250 (later called Gulfstream G280). Gulfstream G650 was formally launched from the Savannah production site on 29 September 2009 under its own steam.

The G650 as well as the G280 were flying before the end of 2009. While the G650 made its maiden voyage on 25 November, the G280 ascended for the first ascent on 11 December. Gulfstream in November 2010 heralded the extension of its Savannah plants with a $500 million seven-year project. As a result, 1,000 extra people were employed in the Gulf Stream, an increment of more than 15 per cent.

Besides the Savannah extension, Gulfstream's locations in Westfield, Massachusetts, USA, and Luton, England, also expanded in 2011. Gulfstream in October announces an extension to its Barnes Regional Airport Barnes Regional Airport in Westfield, Massachusetts, which will create 100 new Gulfstream positions, an almost 80 per cent rise over Gulfstream's Westfield headcount.

Luton, England, was also moved to a more state-of-the-art 75,000 square feetangar. Gulfstream Luton's engineers can maintain the Gulfstream whole line, which includes the brand new brand 650, the company's flag ship. The Gulfstream X650 was granted its Preliminary Patent Certification (PTC) by the FAA in November 2011.

As a result, the way was clear for the start of completion work on the interiors of the ultra-large, ultra-long-haul commercial jets in order to prepare for delivery to customers in the second half of 2012, as initially foreseen. General Dynamics Aviation Services was renamed Gulfstream in January 2011 to facilitate our corporate image. Now Gulfstream possesses and runs nine global maintenance centres and a components workshop.

Gulfstream's new G650 has its own design certification, which was granted on September 7, 2012. 30] It should be the same for the new Gulfstream G600 and G500. Gulfstream American Hustler was a commercial aircraft model that first flown with a turboprop and a turboprop on January 11, 1978.

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