Learjet Cockpit

Class Learjet Cockpit

The interior of the Learjet 75 Learjet 75 is the world''s quickest corporate jumbo jets with an amazing 3,778 km cruising distance (2,040 miles ) and non-stop connections to other key destination. Under the right operational circumstances, the Mach 0.81 (860 km/h) high-speed cruising not only provides more bottom, but is also quicker than any other jets in its category.

So far, the Learjet series has established 111 speeds worldwide record, among them the Learjet 75 on a round voyage between New York and Los Angeles in September 2015. The Learjet 75's state-of-the-art composite braking system offers outstanding runway capabilities - even on shorter take-off and runway sections and in difficult meteorological environments such as heavy rains and heavy snows.

Externally, the Learjet 75 follows the slim styling and prestigious performances of its predecessor and features new folded wingtip wings based on the Learjet 28, the first winglet powered commercial airliner, for enhanced Aerodynamic and Fueliciency. The interior of the airplane offers a completely contemporary sensation that is as eye-catching as it is sophisticated.

Learjet 75 boasts a flat-bottom layout - the first and only one to feature such a layout among its immediate rivals - that contributes to accommodating two different layouts for six or eight occupants, the first offering the greatest leg room in a six-seat configuration, and the second able to utilize a cab without affecting cruising distance.

The Completion Center's designer staff has a vast amount of in-house knowledge, from hand-crafted cabinets to other interiors, to satisfy even the most demanding engineering or esthetic needs. The next in the legendary Learjet range, the Learjet 75 creates the conditions for privately operated flights - and five years later it still determines the speed.

It is praised not only for its technical performance, but also for its ergonomically designed seat, a feature that both cuts down on work and increases the pilot's sense ofituation. The three 14-inch high-resolution widescreen monitors are powered by a variety of electronic systems, among them Primary and Multifunction Multiflight Display, which deliver progressive in-flight information.

This is a look behind the curtains of the innovation processes that create a unique type of corporate jets. Global 7500 airplane galley highlights the fine arts of in-flight dining. The Global 7500 CMS enables passenger cabocontrol.

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