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The Delta Private Jets, Inc. is an American airline. Cash your miles against a Delta Private Jets Card. Journey stylishly according to your own schedule and time with a Delta Private Jets Jet Card. Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for DELTA PRIVATE JETS.

We provide on-demand travel services to individuals and businesses in the United States.

A new entry-level program with empty legs, hourly rates and limited access is launched by Delta Private Jets.

Sky Acces has been created by Delta Private Jets, a new on-line member programme that provides members with unrestricted free entry to empty limb flight services in conjunction with a set per hour fee for frequent on-demand private airfare. Sky Acces members can reserve empty legroom and receive the whole plane without having to divide it with others.

There is no limit to how many Sky Access members can reserve empty knees, and there is no charge per knee for empty knees. Talking to Lauren Davis, DPJ's Marketing and Customer Development Manager, she says once you've paid for your subscription, you can get as many empty seats as you want for free.

It could be some charges, like overseas tax and charges, and the disadvantage, like any empty legs trips, is until you are bikes, if the journey goes laterally you are on your own. Delta Sky Access also provides separate set per -hour charges for on-demand charters, ensuring 24-hour lead time on non-peak daily scheduled services on home routes.

When you are a DPJ owner or buy tickets, you can say why I should buy a Jet Ticket when I can get one way guarantee coverage without having to plan for $100,000 or $1 million, Delta's top animal. There are then 30 peaks at which there is no guarantee of uptime.

DPJ Jet Card programme has no blacking out data and only 10 top trading day, one of the lower numbers in the over 250 programmes we are comparing. A further advantage you don't have with Sky Access is the Delta Diamond Medallion designation, something that could be invaluable if you are flying commercial flights on Delta Air Lines well serviced itineraries.

Finally, we benchmarked Sky Access's per-hour pricing against the entry-level price of $100,000 DPJJ jet cards and found that the differences between the different sizes of jets differed. A Delta Private Jets' Light Jets ticket gives you an $5,690 per hour FET inclusive of 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) vs. $5,995 for Sky Access, or a bonus of 5.

Four percent for the new programme. The 100k Jet Card is charged at $7,290 per hour for medium sized jets compared to $7,950 for Sky Access, a 9.1% bonus for the new pay as you go member programme. Discrepancy for the much-loved Super Mid class was $9,650 versus $10,995 per h, a 14% bonus.

With large cabin jets, the hourly rate differential is $13,990 for a 100k DPJ Jet Card versus $14,400 for Sky Access, which is only 3% up. At the $1 million mark, however, there is a significant discrepancy to $12,590 per lesson or a 14% bonus if you choose Sky Access.

It is a managerial firm. With other words, the airline consists of planes that it administers for private owner and other businesses. As Davis says, the programme is a gate to travelling with private jets, and we like the empty foot and pay-as-you-go combinations, and we like that you get the whole plane for your empty foot.

This is exactly where JetSmarter comes in, although its newcomer members only receive restricted places per idle time. Contrary to his jet cards, you can't use SkyMiles to get paid for Sky Access, Davis says. Regarding whether you should buy a Jet Card or not, since DPJ Jet Cards offers reimbursable choices, 24-month conditions and a rollover if you want to issue the $100,000 or $500,000 in private transportation, I really don't see any advantage in Sky Access over the actual Jet Card offers, unless you can better use the funds elsewhere.

Sky Access is not the same as purchasing a DPJ Jet Card. Among other things, you loose 30 working day guarantee uptime. Delta says Sky Access is an entry-level programme.

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