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Aircraft rental costs

Flying Privatjets with NiceJets NetJets has a different type if you are interested in travelling by plane. NetJet pioneered the 1986 approach to fractal jet owning, which offered consumers and corporations all the advantages of owning entire airplanes and more at a fraction of the cost. The NetJets business unit owns the world's biggest privately owned jet fleets with more than 650 planes worldwide.

What does a NetJets jet cost? NetJets memberships give you full interest in a particular plane and give you entry to a global pool of more than 650 planes. The price per stock with the privately owned carrier varies according to airplane model - lightweight, medium or large - and how often you are flying.

And the smallest part you can buy is a 1/16 interest rate that gives you 50 flying hrs a year. For the Phenom 300 Platinum Edition Jet, a 1/16 interest rate or 50 flying hour is $550,000. Half an interest or 400 flying hrs, which cost 4.4 million dollars.

As well as the cost of purchase, Fractional Jet operators are also required to pay a one-month administration charge and a staffed one-hour charge to cover the cost of fuels, servicing, catering services and landings. NetJet holders shall enter into a two, two and a half or three year undertaking, according to the type of aeroplane, and NetJets shall have a guarantee buy-back after the expiry of that undertaking.

If you want a lower up-front cost, you can also use financing and lease alternatives from Nets. It is also possible to conclude a prepaid lease contract with the Marquis Jet Card, which is designed for 25 hour flying times. How does NetJet have airports hotspots? JetJets has international airports around the globe, so it can handle airline enquiries in just four working hours.

NetJets fighter and cabin crew members in the United States fly from hubs such as Columbus, Ohio; Teterboro, N.J.; Dallas; West Palm Beach, Fla.; and Los Angeles. NetJets China has also joined the company's programme for commercial air travel. Indeed, an important advantage of becoming an ownership is an extensive, industry-leading abandonment programme - if you need a NetJets ticket to or from a state where the business doesn't have a hubs, you don't have to foot the bill to ship the aircraft to collect you.

The Marquis Jet Cards? Marquis Jet allows you entry to most of the NetJets airplanes with a prepaid lease for 25 hour flying duration. It only takes 10 hrs to start your Los Angeles office meetings or a couple evening in Rome.

Just buy the right ticket for you and your flying hours will be subtracted from your Marquis Jet Ticket credit. These options are cheaper than co-ownership - but just as comfortable. Where can I use NetJets to go? NetJets, a privately owned air transport company, lets you take flights anywhere in the globe without having to wait at the airports - dramatically shortening your travelling times.

The NetJets travels the United States from Seattle, San Francisco and New Orleans to New York City, Miami and Los Angeles - and everywhere in between. Owning NetJets means you can have a private jet that can carry seven to 14 people in just four to ten operating time, according to the type of plane you need and your percentage.

At NetJets we have partner programmes in Europe and China so you can travel all over the globe with our replacement services. And NetJets also operates to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, India and Russia, so you can take charge of your overseas operations - or entertainment - every single working day the year.

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