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TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our long-term goal. Cab now hires a Part-time & Full-time Customer Service Driver in Glendale, AZ. Browse our Phoenix discount+cab job offers to find great local jobs. Proud of providing reliable and reasonably priced taxi services, we attach great importance to timely pick-up and professional customer service.

Career as part-time & full-time customer service driver at Discount Cab in Glendale, AZ

Well, if that seems like you, we're interested! The Totalride pays a $1.15/mile package with a $5.00 min. for closed off commodity retailers. That' the best carpool in Arizona! Briefly, we are active in the field of caring for human beings. In order to satisfy the demands of our growing service offering, we are looking for different individuals with outstanding customer service capabilities, entrepreneurship and a genuine commitment to supporting others working full-time or part-time as a driver.

There is a constant need for our service - which means that our clients rely on us and our chauffeurs benefit.

Join the Glendale taxi cabbie, celebrated as the nation's best.

Only four years ago Albert Tracy was taking a cab, but he played an amazing role during that years. From the valley, the white-haired, good-speaking chauffeur was voted Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association's Taxicab Drivers of the Year by the trading group representing the sector. He usually travels seven nights a week and drives one of the light-colored cab van discounts, makes suggestions for nearby dining, bar and sightseeing, and gives brief orientation on the curious Phoenix-story.

This year, the 62-year-old was chosen for the prize because of his dedication to security and customer service and his readiness to look after new riders, according to the federation. He' registered more than 1,400 shift records with Discount Cab without an incident. Among the more than 1,100 taxi operators, limousine service providers, air port-shuttle fleet operators and other transport operators competing for the prize, he was one of the driving personalities.

Jerry Mullen, General Discount Cab Leader, who owns Total Transit of Glendale, said the company brought a sophisticated, well thought-out drive concept to it. TRACTY handles his work like a service, and Discount Cab often uses it for occasions like marriages. {\pos (192,210)}His actual cab has more than 282,000 leagues on its account.

He' s been riding the truck for about a year and is in charge of a good part of those mileage, he said. Working on weekdays, staying the night on the weekend, he's fine with the long work. In general, Tracy travels in the main hallway, mostly between Seventh Avenue and 32nd Street, from the one-way roads of Phoenix city centre to the broader, landscaped sections just North of the Loop 101 motorway.

They' re gonna fuck you up and they' re gonna go down and say shit to you," said Crazy. He said these clients are rare. He has nothing against drunken clients. "There are many views shared by travellers about car rides like Uber and Lyft and about independant taxi operators, some of whom are painting their taxis light gray to appeal to discount cabs.

Carpooling makes it difficult for business taxi businesses, but the shine of carpooling comes to light, he said. Carpooling in particular increases its price when there is a high level of traffic, such as at sporting venues and parties such as Halloween. 95 to get a trip started, plus $2. 25 a league mark.

There is a $30 perhour charge for delays and $10 for clients who specifically require a delivery vehicle. Tracy was presented with the prize by the nonprofit organization at its October Las Vegas conference. Previously, Tracy worked for 25 years in the windscreen replacements industry, which was suffering from the downturn. In order to help with the payment of the invoices, he began to work at Discount Cab, initially part-time in sales and initially part-time as a rider.

Finally, that gave way to a full-time rider job, he said. Besides motoring, he investigates accidents for the business and provides taxi services for major venues such as this year's Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

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