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The number of Cessna Citation Excel flight operations last year, the leader in the industry. PRIVATJET CHARTER No matter whether you travel for leisure, pleasure or both, jet travel gives you the liberty and versatility to plan your journey whenever YOU want. The CFI currently runs Falcon 2000LX and Cessna Citation from lls to vs for its Metro Detroit area customers. If your desired plane is not available, all planes are available for replacement or securing.

We have a range of leasing, purchase and shared ownership options available for our fleets of Citations III, II and III. In our section Airport availability you will find empty routes, transits or the airport start point for all our planes. Ask for a quotation or look for reduced one-way flights (empty leg, empty leg) with one of our privately owned executives.

Google forces CEO Tim Cook to travel in a commercial jet for commercial and non-commercial purposes - Quartz at Work

Raised in the south of Alabama as a workingclass child, Apple CEO Tim Cook coined a gentle personality that contrasts sharply with that of his mercury-rich forerunner Steve Jobs. Apple has taken a safety precaution by banning Cook from using a merchant carrier, according to a submitted December 27 regulator declaration.

While at Apple, Cook is compelled to follow the traditional guidelines of the Emperor's Chief Executive by traveling in corporate and home jetliners. Whilst the world's top airlines like to surrender to the luxuries of privately owned planes, CEOs can find it very difficult to fly business planes - especially when they come under the control of stockholders or the state.

During 2008, Congress ceo' Ford, GM and Chrysler voted to fly to Washington in personal jet aircraft to ask tax payers for $25 billion in bail-outs. Recently, former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt's practice of traveling in a second jet, which follows him - if the one he went to - has led to a perceived sense of extravagance and efficiency that led to his displacement early this year.

Naturally, Apple is not nearly as near to the difficulties of car manufacturers in the global economic downturn or GE, which is under shareholder squeeze to increase its stagnating stock prices. Apple is one of the most succesful enterprises in the global economy with a $800 billion global cap and a $260 billion stack.

When a business can buy its chief executive to travel in corporate jetliners, it's Apple. This year, Apple spent $93,109 on cookies for Apple's flight in privately owned aircraft, the first year the directive was enforced, and a further $224,216 on the provision of face-to-face protection.

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