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Be a driver - Liberty Yellow Cab of Buffalo, NY. Please note that any incorrect information on this claim will be a valid excuse to void the whole agreement. If you are an independant junior rider, I unconditionally authorise Liberty Yellow Cab or its agents to obtain information about my drivers file, police record and a consumer credit report from one of the largest credit bureaus.

If injuries are notified, we retain the right to review all your medical records. In addition, I hereby indemnify and exempt all party to this License from any and all liabilities and/or liabilities arising out of or in connection with any such use. These proxies & my full approval are applicable in their fullness.


At Liberty Yellow Cab, we always offer our customers great offers and specials. Find out more about what is currently available and take part in our special offers the next times you make a booking. Liberty Yellow Cab will get you to your final destinations within the WNY countries safely and on schedule.

Take advantage of our free application to make your reservation and follow your cab in real-time. You can also make a reservation via our website or call us at 716-877-7111 - our dedicated travel agent will be pleased to organise your trip. You can count on your cabbie to get you to your destinations conveniently and on schedule.

Take the end of your taxi ride to unwind or remain prolific with your latest work. One way or the other, you will be able to experience a pleasant and stress-free trip to your goal. Timeliness and dependability are of the utmost importance when it comes to arranging an airline trip, and Liberty Yellow Cab does take this seriously.

So when you make your next flight reservation to or from Buffalo International Airports (BUF) or Falls International Airports (IAG) with Liberty Yellow Cab, it will be done with accuracy, dedication and painstaking diligence - we ensure it. With Liberty Yellow Cab you can make the most of your trip and we will make sure that every little detail of your trip is taken in the right way.

In the end of your trip you use your Liberty Cash, Liberty Campus Cash, Liberty Yellow Cab and your Visa to make your payment - all directly in the taxi. Liberty Yellow Cab is the most comfortable taxi company and we are betting that you know this by now.

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