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The following are average flight times for popular destinations departing from New York. Chopper charter companies in New York crashed helping Rutgers recruit new footballers

This unfortunate helicopter, which fell in the East River on Sunday and killed five people, was run by a firm providing air transport for the Rutgers U.S. Rutgers soccer group. Liberty Helicopters, a long-time Scarlet Knights sponsorship, flew the plane, which fell in freezing water during a photoshoot, on which the college trainer commutes on regular recruitment journeys.

Sunday's event highlighted the third major casualty since 2007 with Liberty headquartered in New Jersey. It is still not known why the helicopter crashed, although the power plant could be a temporary focal point of the investigation. Pilots were listened to on an alarm transceiver that said there had been an emergency motor outage.

Notes published by the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday show that the firm has been quoted several times in recent years for service and operational matters, but most were insignificant or led to no enforcements. In August 2009, the company's worst casualty was when nine passengers died after a Piper aircraft crashed into a Liberty Helicopter Eurocopter taking a group of Italian tourist passengers on a scenic tour over the Hudson River.

Shortly before midday on that particular afternoon, the helicopter took off from New York City' West Port Hotel No. 30, while the Piper was leaving Teterboro Airport a few moments before. None of the two pilots had submitted a timetable. An EC-135 Eurocopter powered by Liberty Helicopters returned to the helipad in 2007 after a viewing of the Manhattan area when it crashed into the washer.

Liberty said in a statement: "We are focusing on assisting the affected bereaved family in this terrible tragedy and on full cooperation with the FAA and NTSB investigation. "The Eurocopter AS350 B2 helicopter is a mono-engined helicopter capable of carrying one pilots and up to 6 people. The FAA states that there is no casualty or incidence story or cohesive action to enforce that involves the helicopter that crashed on Sunday or its Pilot Richard Vance.

According to PNR intelligence, the helicopter was in distress when the helicopter came down. On Twitter, a viewer recorded a tape showing the helicopter landing and capsizing heavily in the sea with its rotor hitting the surface. A New York police spokesperson said all five aboard had died.

Pilots were able to flee after the plane was turned on its head in the sea, the officers said. The FAA's assertiveness record shows that Liberty Helicopters has been the object of 19 offences since 1994, most of which were petty and many without punishment. Among these were several breaches of service in 2011 and 2012 that were terminated without corrective measures, several so-called preparedness assessments related to recording and servicing in 2010, one resulting in a fine of $11,739, and a 2001 substance test case solved with a fine of $4,500.

FAA logs also showed 16 Liberty accident or incident events dating back to 1995, again many of them negligible, except for the 2009 airborne accident. 1995 The omission to remove the rotor before commissioning caused serious damages to a Bell 2006B3 helicopter. Liberty's another helicopter crashed into a soy farm in Hopewell.

The Liberty helicopter's relation with Rutgers is part of a sponsoring contract that goes back to former chief trainer Greg Schiano, who would often go flying to see prospective recruiters using the choppers as a highly visible instrument. Kyle Flood returned on his last Rutgers' chief soccer trainer days from a recruitment mission to Long Island aboard a helicopter similar to the Eurocopter AS350 B2, which was killed in the accident on Sunday.

Ruhrtgers did not pay for the use of choppers, under the grant agreement, said college officials. s "Kevin Lorincz, a spokesperson for the university's athletes division, said that " Ruhrtgers athletes have a relationship with Liberty Hlicopters, while the division provides ticketing and entry for events of equivalent value in helicopter flying hours.

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