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Deluxe jet rental

Luxury jet charter Qualified and skilled our staff of professional and skilled yacht co-ordinators are able to meet any requirements. Currently we are one of the few companies chartering the Embraer PhenomJets. Hire Embraer Phenom and see a real store owner focus on surpassing your customers' expectation. Our tailor-made Privatjetarter allows you to fly at your own speed and with your own itinerary.

Benefit from our premium services, in-flight meals and complimentary treatments for the Ultimate Luxury Travelling Combination. Our highest commitment to providing the highest levels of client support means we offer the highest levels of security, effectiveness and confidentiality in aviation. Experienced Airline co-ordinators are on hand to meet your needs - from the first reservation to the definitive stamping of your pass, we make sure your journey is a perfect one.

Be it a long, far away luxury holiday or a brief excursion for a get-together and back, we look forward to covering your travelling needs. Enjoy private luxury jet charters today. Aircrafts that meet your special needs. Please click below to see all available planes for your charters.

Turboprop or reciprocating aircrafts have a 6-9 seat reach for a short distance of about 1,000 mile. Provide airport accessibility that is taboo for large planes, giving you more flexible options for your personal luxury jet charters. Since the introduction of the Learjet 23 in the early 1960', lightweight aircrafts have been the basic food of the corporate jet age.

Low weight aircraft offer easy entry to smaller airfields and have the airspeed to be an efficient aviation tools. Leightweight aircraft are flying at higher altitude and have pressurised staterooms with space for 5-8 people. Low-weight jet cruise velocities are typically 400-560 mbph with an avarage non-stop distance of 1,500 mile per trip, ideal for privately chartered aircraft.

Medium haul planes are suited for longer journeys, such as trans-continental journeys, and for journeys with greater demand for up to 7 or 8 people. Medium size jet planes provide sufficient room to move around easily in the cabins during the journey and also have an on-board toilet. Medium-haul planes have a cruising distance of around 2,500 mile per plane.

Those medium aircrafts are mainly, but not exclusively, used for journeys between 4 and 5 hour flying time. Ideal for chartering your own jet. Supermedium class jumpers are characterised by large cab room, height suitability, velocity and an extremely long outreach. Combine trans-atlantic capabilities with the velocity and convenience of a wide-body aeroplane at high altitudes.

Super-mid aircraft offer more room and refueling capability, keeping 8-10 comfortable occupants, an avarage cruise of 490-590 km/h and a cruise distance of 3,400-3,600 mile. Super-mid aircraft can travel at an altitude of 51,000 ft, thus preventing business travel and bad air conditions. Large cabin aircraft, cabin class or large jet aircraft are the best choice for long distance travel or luxury trans-continental travel.

The majority of heavier aircraft can carry up to 9-16 occupants and have the options for: a cabin crew, a full, closed toilet, audio/video sound reinforcement and full kitchens for in-flight cuisine. One of the most common causes for using extremely long-range corporate jet aircraft remains: speed, safety and comfort.

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