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Indeed, there was even the London Electrical Cab Company: the taxis were informally called Berseys after the manager who designed them, Walter C., had completed their London experience with a ride in one of the city's black taxis. When we talk about taxi or taxi services around the world and someone asks, "What is the oldest?", the answer is London Taxis.

Taxi London - Traveling through London

Taxi stops on the road are only allowed if they are still blacks. The taxi can be hired if the TAXI signs are amber. Taxis in blacks are measured and a fee of at least £2.60 is charged. Make sure you are booking with a Transport for London licenced minicab: non-booked minicabs contravene the law, are insecure and not insured.

Accomplish your London adventure with a trip in one of the city's four taxi-drivers. London's formal taxi, as well as taxi cars in blacks, can be hanged on the streets or at certain stands in celebrity locations, many of which include train, subway and coach terminals. You can rent the cabin if the TAXI label on the front lights up amber.

There is a legal obligation for taxis to do any jobs for trips up to 12 mile ( 20 mile for taxis at Heathrow airport taxi ranks) or up to one hr. Extra fees are charged if you take a taxi from Heathrow, call and make reservations on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

Taxis in full colour accepted payments by direct debiting or direct debiting, and there is no supplement to the taxi rate for direct debiting. Please see the Tariff page of the TFL-Taxi. They can tip taxi riders as much as they want, but most get to the next lb. Every taxi is handicapped and carries free assistant dog.

The majority of cabs have a large number of extra tools for travelers, among them: Our privately owned rental business offers a broad spectrum of rental options, from small businesses to chauffeured limos. At Transport for London you can ask if an owner is licenced. Rental cars and mini cabs must be reserved in an agency, by phone or e-mail.

Serious, licenced mini lab businesses can provide a lower cost option to taking a taxi. When you want to rent a car or make a reservation by phone, most hotel and hostel rental providers have a long listing of serious, licenced providers. In most of the main roads you will also find mini cabs. The Transport for London label on the front and back windscreens of all privately owned rental cars is prominent.

There is a broad variety of vehicle types used as personal rental and when you make a reservation you should clarify with the owner whether his vehicle meets your access needs. Rental car transport assistants without additional surcharge. They may be contacted by Mini Cab operators looking for a passenger or providing a passenger related activity; do not do so because they are insecure, not licensed, not insured and illegally and you are putting yourself at risk when using these activities.

Taxi (black taxis) only can be halted by clients and picked up from the road. Reserving your Mini Cab with a licenced Mini Cab operator ensures that your travel is made by a licenced chauffeur in a licenced car. This also means that a recording of your travel, your drivers and the car used will be kept.

Taxi (black taxis) only can be halted by clients and picked up from the road. A lot of nightclubs have licenced mini-cab owners in-house who can accept your reservation. Ask your personnel if a mini-cab is available.

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