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Rent a private jet flight to or from Houston William P Hobby Airport in the United States. Houston William P Private Jet Hire Company Pobby The William P. Hobby Airfield is 7 leagues from Houston city centre. This is the oldest passenger airfield in the greater Houston area and was the most important Houston airfield until the opening of the George Bush Intercontinental in 1969. The company provides both private jet transport and internal services.

Southwest Airlines now also runs several intercontinental services from Hobby Airports after several conversions.

The William P. Hobby Airfield was opened in 1927. Houston received the land in 1937 and changed its name to Houston Municipal Airfield. 1938 the name of the Hughes International Airfield was changed again to Howard R. Hughes Airfield. Its name derives from a businessman and film maker who was in charge of many enhancements at the aerodrome, among them a ramp.

However, the name of the aerodrome has been changed to Houston Municipal as the rules deny state financing of aerodromes designated after a live one. New hangars and terminals were opened in 1940, and further improvement in 1950 resulted in the 910,000 passenger capacity of the year. Once again the name of the airfield was changed, this times after the former governor of Texas William P. Hobby.

Following the opening of George Bush Intercontinental in 1969, all of the airport's carriers moved there and services were not resumed until 1971. The William P. Hobby Airfield has 4 airstrips. It is open 24 hrs a day.

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