Average Taxi Rate

Approximate taxi fare

Taxi services on St. Croix are not measured; prices are per person per destination and are set by VI Taxicab Division.

St. Croix: Taxis & Tariffs

There is no such thing as a regular taxi, but the most common are delivery van, open-air safari (converted lorries; loading areas are equipped with benches in a roofed outdoor area) and SUV/car. Taxi services on St. Croix are not measured; prices are per passenger and per point of arrival and are determined by VI Taxicab Division.

The taxi tariffs are listed below. Taxi's are almost always available on the jetty of the cruiser vessel when the vessels are in the harbour, at the airports, at the seaplane terminal, at the taxi rank in downtown Christiansted and usually in large hotel and trendy restaurants/bars. Registered cabs are marked with: a taxi poster or skylight cupola on the rooftop, number plate showing taxi taxistatus, an On Duty/Off Duty plate in the car's windows, and a plate, usually on the mudguard, showing occupant number.

Operator's identity card/taxi driving licence should be on the dashboard of the vehicle. Certain people drive "gypsy taxis" in their own cars. You do not follow the taxi committee regulations and are used at your own peril. Even though the prices are standardised, it is strongly advised that you talk to the chauffeur and accept your overall price (for you, your group, your baggage, wait, tour) before getting on the taxi.

Please refer to the Special Conditions section of the price sheet for sight-seeing tours, baggage prices, personal taxi fares and other information. No taxi company may reject a person during the service unless the person is drunk and disordered or in possess of a domestic pet or pets (other than a guide dog) not duly restrained in a housing or other appropriate box.

Outward and return fares: twice the one-way rate plus queuing fees. One hundred dollars a minute. Wait. Radio/telephone call: the tariff plus one third of the base price. Anyone who orders a taxi solely for themselves pays the rate for four (4) people. Baggage: There is a $2 per piece charge on the price of each pass.

Price for articles over 30?x must not be higher than $4 per article. Prices per hour (1-4 passengers): Limousine / Mini Can: $40, Van / Safari (14 passengers) $55, Safari: $80. Tariffs for extra travel are arranged between the taxi company and the travelers. It is necessary for all travellers to be released from their seats in the places of their choice when the ticket price is acceptable and arranged.

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