Fresh Prince of Bel Air Taxi

Prince of Bel Air Fresh Air Taxi

A lot of websites (including IMDb) claim that this is Quincy Jones driving the taxi with dice in the mirror. Inappropriate forgetting the fact that Will Smith's personality was flying first rate for a second. Calculator says that $7,290.06 in 2016 had the same purchasing force as $3,886.59 in 1990.

In 2016, would he go with Uber? Since Will is a young man, without too much money of his own, we expect that he would take a reserved vehicle today, he would drive with Uber.

Sharper Uber Black would throw you back the order of $11,000.

That' the real price of Will Smith's taxi to the fresh prince of Bel Air.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air introducing? Will Smith begins by debating the fact that he was "born and raised" in West Philadelphia, near Los Angeles, USA. And then he gets into a taxi and goes to Bel Air to go with his fancy Uncle Phil to go see the show (by the way, you know that Will Smith is now OLDER as Uncle Phil at the moment of shooting).

Into the tune Will arrives at the finish and screams "Smell you later" to the taxi, but he never paid the chauffeur. So... How much could it have been? Well, we worked it out with the Taxi Farmer. His long trip from West Philadelphia to Los Angeles today would take him an incredible 9,933 pounds.

While the Banks may be a wealthy people, this is a juicy meal for everyone.

Seven Facts You Didn't Know About'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Themenlied

Recently, Will Smith has returned to his origins by tapping The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and taking part in a Fresh Prince spoof with Jimmy Fallon. Whilst every decent kid of the 90' knows the text of the easy title, we have collected some facts about the melody that you may not have known.

Full versions are three minute long and contain several verse. It' s a favorite abroad. An full-length variation of the track hit number 3 on the Dutch musical chart when it was published there in 1992. There was a suspension in 2013. An Ambridge High Penn. nurse confused the line "Shooting a ball outside school" with "Shooting a person outside school" when she phoned a pupil and received his Fresh Prince voice mail.

As a result, the schools were closed for the fear of massive firing. Quincy was supposed to be the one who drives the taxi with cubes in the mirrors, but according to Quincy's daughters Rashida Jones and Jada Pinkett Smith this is not so. Doctor Will has played the tune twice on the UK television show The Graham Norton Show.

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