Airport Angel

Aiport Angel

The membership card means your Airport Angel membership card. Angel Airport: Ultimate Guide Notice that the Airport Angel lounging member programme has been terminated and is no longer in use. Please direct your queries about your subscription to your credit cards publisher. When you have obtained your Airport Angel subscription through Barcclays, please contact us for more information. Who is Airport Angel?

Airport Angel, a UK headquartered airport service company, was working to make the airport more enjoyable and relaxed for those who travel a lot - basically to get them out of the airport hell and into the sky. Like Priority Pass, Dragonpass and similar items, Airport Angel's emphasis was on an autonomous lounging programme that offered Airport Angel members entry to a global loop community of over 600 locations around the globe.

Angel Airport did not run its own airport lounge. Rather, they entered into partnership with various lounging facilities to offer members an opportunity to unwind. The Airport Angel partner companies include airline companies, airport loop owners, the airport itself and other third party companies. The members were also able to take full use of Airport Angel's second offer, the AirTexts SaaS.

Airport Angel sent informational text messaging with this programme to make the often frantic and stressful airport environment easier. The biggest asset of Airport Angel was the unbelievable range of lounging opportunities in certain parts of the globe, particularly in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Therefore, those who travel often to these goals could greatly profit from their affiliation.

Being a member of Airport Angel you had some 29 loans in Indonesia, 37 in the UK and surprisingly 99 in China. The Airport Angel has provided more than 600 barrier-free airport loans in nearly 100 different locations. The Airport Angel was the most useful member for those travellers, especially for those who normally did not have free entry to the airport common area.

The only way to get to an airport lounges without having élite status, other lounging membership or credits that offer lounging facilities would have been to buy a daily ticket. That would allow the purchaser to use a single lounges for a certain amount of space, usually 3-4hrs. Featuring over 600 lounges, Airport Angel offered globetrotters a tranquil home away from home so they could be productively active or just relaxing.

Although you are far away from home, you were far away from free refreshments, free drinks, free wireless broadband and even free shower and shopping at selected places. Specifically, the type of loopes that worked with Airport Angel were those held by freelance lounging companies and municipal airport authority rather than airline companies.

However, there were a few exemptions, and a prime example was Korea Air, which made a number of its lounges available to members of Airport Angel. Lounging qualities also ranged from simple and minimalist comfort to luxury high-end firstclass lounges. Among the most remarkable offers were the Traveller and Plaza Premium No. 1 Loiunges, both independent lounging nets known for their consistent high level of service.

In addition to the airport lounges, Airport Angel supplied the AirTexts services. If you request this option either by telephone or check in on-line, please include your travel plan information with Airport Angel. Once you were at the airport physical, Airport Angel sent an SMS with related update to your handset using the information you provided.

Those fixes contained information about where and when to log in, how to get to the loop, gateway number and board-time fixes, last call announcement and delay notification. Upon arriving at the airport, Airport Angel sent your flights and arrive information to a friend of your choosing, which might be handy when someone picks you up from the airport.

What is the best way to get Airport Angel members? Airport Angel is no longer eligible for affiliation as the programme has been terminated.

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