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Sadly there are also less honest drivers and black sheep. Our fare estimator uses Google Maps, which does not always show the shortest route or the cheapest price. The RTA taxi calculator was used to calculate the Dubai taxi costs. As multiple fares are supported throughout North America, TaxiMe is the best choice to estimate your taxi fare.

About vs. Careem vs. Dubai Taxi - which is the best?

Cab is something that is tantamount to Dubai. In the past few years, RTA inhabitants have only been able to call an RTA cab - by no means a bad thing - but in recent years, a new harvest of technology-oriented dealership firms has emerged, giving the industry a sound level of competitiveness.

Recently, the two large app-powered operators, the locally based Careem and Silicon Valley Bigwig's Uber giants, introduced their own low-cost option to the market, which will adapt to the price structures of RTAs. Currently, overX and Careem Go are going through three months of testing, both public and private, to see if the service will eventually deliver benefits to the consumer and, we believe, will not affect RTA's service too much.

However, one thing that we have always had to struggle with is how much the different types of service compare with each other. For this purpose we have put together some practical info graphics to help you decide which of the three will take you to your goal at the best possible price.

We are currently in a 3-month privately held phase of a beta program, which we are not in the know about and which therefore cannot confirm the tariffs provided to us by the Companys. The RTA taxicalculator was used to calculate the Dubai taxicost. First, the information graph shows a break-down of the tariffs for the three service types, shown by the basic tariff (what the counter begins when you get into a car), the costs per kilometre and the minimal tariff that you receive regardless of the mileage.

We' ve chosen to match the most popular used vehicles for each and every rental type, with the most economical, commercial and large option. And as you can clearly see above, Uber and Careem Dubai Taxi are blowing out of the blue in the low-cost arenas. Either offers a lower price per kilometre and a much lower basic rate if you make your reservation in advance.

The Dubai Taxi is much better at the basic fare if you dare to take to the street and call a taxi driving by. Another remarkable goody is that there is a more costly mileage allowance for Careem's commercial vehicles than Uber, but a lower fare, which could mean that a shorter trip in a stylish vehicle with career could actually be less costly.

Occupyem works out a Dirham lower basic and minimal fare when it compares its economy vehicles with Uber Select, but the higher costs per kilometre (by 43 miles, no less) will most likely even compensate for things between the two service, dependent on the distances you travel. Overall, Uber seems to be the clear overall champion, as it is possible to keep the costs per kilometre in all category significantly below the competitors.

Whilst the basic and minimal fare will differ according to the vehicle you have booked, much of the amount of travel you are likely to overrun will be in excess of both and will therefore want to keep the costs of your journey as low as possible, with a lower per kilometre price. Our second info graphic was to show the cheap Uber and Careem choices compared to Dubai Taxi to provide the lowest fares between Dubai's favourite emblems.

Both UberX and Careem Go got away with three cheapest rates in this case and in some cases we were able to compare each other fairly closely with the Dirham (we just added up for convenience). What is obvious is that there is only a 2-3 Dirhams gap between all three dirhams max service, which means that no matter which low priced choice you choose, you don't have to have too much hassle that you pay too much.

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